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How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Devices

How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Devices

by Stephanie Faris on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 12:00

As battery technology advances, so do the devices that are powered by those batteries, making it a constant challenge to keep pace. Complicating matters is the fact that today’s workplaces run on mobile devices more than ever. No longer are employees doing their daily work while seated at a desk. Instead, they’re working from home, coffee shops, airports, and lobbies of clients, relying on laptops, smartphones, and tablets to stay on top of things.

Whether your devices are brand new or nearing retirement, there are things you can do to extend battery power. Here are a few tips that will keep you working between charges.


Laptops now have built-in power management options that can do much of the work for you. In Windows, this is done in the Power Options panel, which is available by right clicking on your battery indicator. Make sure you aren’t set to a high-performance plan, which will quickly consume your battery life. Mac users can adjust settings by clicking on the battery indicator and choosing Open Energy Saver Preferences. Once there, you can choose options like dimming the screen slightly when running on battery to make it last longer.

At one time, consumers were told to drain their device batteries completely occasionally, but that doesn’t apply to modern lithium batteries. Experts advise against letting your device go all the way to zero percent every day. Over time, those full discharges will wear out your battery more quickly than if you’d kept it charged more often. You can also use a laptop cooling pad to keep your equipment from overheating, which also taxes the battery.

Smartphones and Tablets

If you have an Android device with Marshmallow O/S or later, Doze Mode can add significant time to your smartphone or tablet between charges. For iOS devices, you can switch to low-power mode when you’re trying to conserve battery life. Once your indicator drops below 20 percent, you’ll be prompted to do this, but you can also put your phone in low-power mode manually.

Don’t avoid updating your apps out of fear that you’ll tax your battery. App developers consistently watch for complaints about battery consumption and will update their apps to repair issues that might be problematic. Most mobile devices also now have a feature that will let you check which features are consuming the most battery life. You may find that information useful the next time you’re concerned. If you’re tired of trying to make it from one charge to the next, you can also buy portable battery chargers, whether in the form of a case or an external charger.

These tips can help you not only extend the life of your devices, but operate longer between charges even when your equipment is brand new. Over time, you’ll find that you can go hours without a power outlet, making it easier to continue to work while you’re on the go. You’ll also be able to keep your smartphones, tablets, and laptops longer, which will mean more money in your business’s operating budget.

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