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Houston TX s growing industry is proof that everything is bigger in Texas. Areas like Houston and Austin often top lists of great places to live and work, with startups and large corporations seeing Texas as a great state to locate their headquarters. All of those businesses need a strong IT infrastructure, including access to reliable data centers and support professionals.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has a full staff of data center & server movers ready to meet all of Houston s IT needs. Whether your business has an upcoming move, needs to recycle old equipment, or simply wants to free up space by investing in a document management system, our team can help.

Relocation Projects

Whether a business is entering, leaving, or staying in Houston, equipment relocation can be challenging. Our data center & server movers specialize in working with delicate servers and computers, moving equipment without putting it at risk of damage. We plan your move well in advance to make sure you have all of the support necessary to get your equipment to the new location.

For many of our customers, downtime is an important issue. Their clients, customers, and employees rely on their websites and files. For data centers providing server storage space to multiple Houston TX businesses, extended downtime can affect numerous organizations, costing thousands tens of thousands of dollars. We take those consequences seriously and strive to keep your downtime to a minimum. If servers must be offline with no way to redirect them to another point on the network for a temporary period of time, we ll schedule the relocation for a time of day and season that has as little impact as possible on the affected businesses.

Recycling and Document Management

Many Houston TX-area businesses are striving to utilize each square inch of office space as efficiently as possible. Today s open-plan offices don t leave a great deal of room for storage. Yet with many businesses and data centers replacing equipment every few years or so, over time all of that old equipment can pile up. It fills storage closets and empty offices until one day a business needs that extra space for other items. At that point, our data center & server movers can come in and remove all of that extra equipment, destroying hard drives to keep your business s data from being stolen.

File cabinets also take up much-needed office space, but the files inside often need to be stored somewhere. By moving them to a server, our data center & server movers can put those documents in a place where they can be easily accessed by anyone who has security permissions. They ll also be securely backed up each night, which means they can survive any disaster. Many Houston TX businesses have found that document management is a much more efficient way to store documents than old-fashioned paper-based processes.

Whether your business plans a relocation or not, our data center & server movers can help. We will assign a project manager to work directly with your technology needs and create a plan that will make your job easier.

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