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Houston TX Data Center Relocation & Migration

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Good service providers build and encourage community, working locally to boost businesses and help those who need it. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) works with businesses across the country, providing its data center relocation & migration services to ensure moves progress smoothly. But long after the moving trucks have pulled away, our team is committed to supporting local economies, hosting local community shredding events and helping local causes.

If your Houston TX business has a relocation coming up, our skilled team of technicians can help. Area businesses choose us because of our extensive expertise, but they re often impressed with our attention to detail and personalized services. From the time your business contacts us, we assign a project manager to work one on one with your business and come up with a plan that can help.

Mobile Shredding

Our shredding services keep your business s data safe when you dispose of old equipment. With the latest state-of-the-art technology in mobile shredding, we can bring our services to your business location, destroying hard drives on site. We form relationships with recycling centers throughout the Houston TX area to help your business uphold its commitment to the environment, but if you have a specific recycling option in mind, we can take care of that, as well.

Whether you have a move planned or not, disposing of old equipment can make a big difference. You ll free up office space and lighten the number of servers and computers in your work areas, which will also give you more room for offices. Instead of paying a lease on space you aren t using, you can make the most of every square foot and possibly even move to a smaller location if you need to downsize.

Customized Relocation Services

In addition to office moves, NCWS offers data center relocation & migration services to businesses throughout Houston TX. Whether you re running a large server room that powers your own business s locations or a full-scale data center that houses data for multiple clients, our team can help. We carefully plan and implement a relocation project to ensure you have as little downtime as possible. This keeps your devices, websites, and applications fully functional whether your move is in the middle of the week or on a holiday weekend.

Even if you aren t moving, our data center relocation & migration specialists can help. We offer services to help you offload one server and replace it with another. We also provide server room and data center cleaning services to our Houston TX clients. We ll remove the particles from your air that can cause serious harm to sensitive server components, potentially extending the life of your equipment. This can save your business thousands of dollars over the years.

Houston TX businesses rely on their technology to power operations. By hiring a data center relocation & migration specialist for your next move, you can prevent issues and save money. Complete one of our relocation questionnaires to find out how we can help you with your IT projects.

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