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Business moves can be complicated, requiring a careful coordination of facilities, equipment, and resources. Moves often involve relocating both computer equipment and servers, in addition to the furniture and files that must be transported to the new location. All of this has to be accomplished when workers aren t accessing their applications and files, especially if the server holding that information is part of the move.

If your Houston TX business has a move in the near future, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has the skilled specialists who can help. Unlike furniture movers, our computer transportation services & server moving company has the expertise necessary to ensure each piece of equipment is kept safe through each step of the process.

Secure Packaging

One thing that sets our computer transportation services & server moving company apart from other movers is our specialized moving materials. Our ENVIROPackaging keeps servers and computers safe from the three biggest dangers they face: humidity, static, and shock. We package each piece of equipment up and move it carefully to the truck, where it is loaded in a way that protects sensitive internal components from damage even on the bumpiest routes.

Whether your equipment is traveling ten minutes away or to the other side of the country, you have the peace of mind of knowing that passersby won t realize that important computer equipment is stored inside. We use only unmarked vehicles and always assign at least one trusted NCWS employee to stay with the truck throughout the move. Some companies hand transportation off to a third-party service for long-distance moves but our computer transportation services & server moving company knows that businesses take security seriously.

A Qualified Team

We put your business s security concerns first, only staffing employees who have been carefully screened. Each of our experienced movers has the experience necessary to work for a computer transportation services & server moving company and ensure your equipment receives top-quality treatment. We also train our employees to show professionalism at all times, which means when they show up on move day, you ll be proud to have them as a temporary extension of your own team.

Throughout the move planning process, you ll also have access to an experienced project manager who will work with you to identify your unique needs and devise a plan for your move. We ll review everything your team needs to do to prepare for the upcoming move and provide contact information to give you someone to communicate with if you have concerns throughout the process. This person will work directly with your Houston TX team to take care of everything, leaving you free to attend to your regular duties during the weeks and months leading up to the move.

Whether you have months of advanced notice about your move or you need a rapid turnaround, our team can help. Houston TX businesses have learned that when it comes to hiring a computer transportation services & server moving company, NCWS is a company that can be trusted to handle things professionally and efficiently. Complete one of our no-obligation questionnaires to find out how we can help you with your IT needs.

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