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Hialeah Technology Movers Offer Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

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Security breaches cost the average American businesses $3.5 million, according to the Ponemon Institute, and it s a cost most businesses can t afford. The cost of notifying customers, paying for identity theft protection for impacted consumers, and potential fines add to the cost of the money a businesses loses due to customers staying away in the months that follow.

Like most businesses across the world, Hialeah s many companies have found that data breaches can often occur when equipment is recycled or donated. As one of Hialeah s top technology movers, National Computer Warehouse Services helps businesses in all industries with their data destruction needs. We work to educate our clients on the importance of responsibly disposing of old equipment, as well as providing affordable, convenient services to make it easier for them to do so.

Equipment End of Life

Ideally, one computer would last for decades, being replaced only when a business wanted something new. As our data center movers have learned, most businesses have a need to replace equipment at least every four to six years. This includes desktops, laptops, servers, printers, and multifunction printers (MFPs). These devices eventually fail to meet their daily demands, often due to a combination of wear on mechanical parts and advancements in technology that place greater demands on equipment.

When a piece of equipment reaches its end of life, most businesses are tasked with disposing of it responsibly. Computers and printers can t simply be tossed in the trash. Businesses must donate them to a worthy cause, repurpose them for other uses within the organization, or send them to a recycling center for disposal. This is where our computer movers enter the picture. Businesses often contact National CWS for help with offloading old equipment that has begun to accumulate in storage areas and empty offices, requiring the assistance of a moving company to transport these devices to the chosen destination.

Our Consulting Services

When National CWS steps in, the first step is to offer a free estimate for services. As part of this process, our computer relocation specialists will usually ask questions about the business s data removal process. If a company is simply trying to remove files and programs before sending equipment offsite, we explain how dangerous this can be, since data can easily reside on equipment even after files and programs have been deleted.

Many Hialeah businesses ask for our server movers for help with their data destruction. Our server relocation services specialists will advise a business on the proper procedures to take to ensure every trace of data is removed from equipment before it makes its way into the hands of the wrong person. Even if equipment is handed off to an organization or consumer that uses it responsibly, businesses can t control whether that system will have the same security they had in place when it was in their hands. A hacking attempt could result in the data becoming compromised without the donation site even being aware of it.

Why Erasure Isn t Enough

Each piece of data that passes across a hard drive makes a physical impression on that drive. As our server movers will explain, that physical impression remains even after a drive has been replaced. The only way to completely rid a device of its information is to write over it with something else. Software exists that can do this, but that software isn t foolproof. Even a small trace of data left on a remote part of the hard drive could be enough to cause problems for a business if it falls into the wrong hands.

One of the best processes of writing over data on a hard drive is to use hard drive degaussing. With degaussing, our server moving company uses a device to change the magnetic charge on the drive to make it unreadable. While this method is often the best way to ensure data on a drive is unreadable, it isn t 100 percent guaranteed, which is why a server mover from National CWS will always use a dual-step process to make sure the data cannot be used. This involves first degaussing a drive and then shredding it into fine bits that can t be used.

How Hard Drive Shredding Works

With hard drive shredding, a drive is broken into small bits. When taken alone, this process is usually enough to guarantee no data will be compromised. However, our computer movers take no risks when it comes to our clients customers. We first remove all data through degaussing and then shred the drives. This combination of approaches gives Hialeah businesses the peace of mind they need as they recycle old equipment and begin using new devices.

National CWS also offers mobile hard drive shredding to Hialeah businesses. Our technology movers will come to your location with our state-of-the-art mobile hard drive shredding equipment and destroy your drives within minutes. For businesses disposing of a large number of devices, this can be especially beneficial, since drives can be removed and handed over to our data center movers, who will shred them on the premises.

Why It Matters

Hard drive destruction is crucial for any business considering disposing of equipment. Yet in a survey of 350 companies, 75 percent had given away or donated old computers. Only 23 percent of those companies had erased data on those drives. When computers are taken to a recycling center or handed off to an electronics store that offers free e-cycling services, a business has no idea where that equipment will end up. In some cases, it may be purchased by a third party or picked up by someone at the recycling center.

When a business trusts a server relocation services company with its hard drive destruction, that company knows the sensitive data located on those drives is in good hands. Our computer relocation experts will not only come up with the right set of solutions for your business, but we ll work with you to help you meet any regulatory requirements you have regarding your data. Your customer social security and credit card numbers, contact information, and other private data will be safe when you choose National CWS for your hard drive destruction services.

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