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Hawthorne, California is a great place to live and work, with a growing population and a warm, community-like feel. As Hawthorne s businesses change over time, they may need to relocate part or all of their operations. But moving a business isn t as easy as moving a home, with most workplaces housing a large number of pieces of sensitive computer equipment.

Whether your Hawthorne business is moving across town or to a new city or state, it s important to find experienced computer transport services to make sure your equipment arrives safely. At National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS), we have experienced computer equipment movers who can make sure your servers, computers, printers, and peripherals arrive safely, with minimal downtime.

Data Center Relocation

Hawthorne businesses with on-site server rooms need a skilled server moving company to handle packaging, transporting, and setting up sensitive server equipment at the destination location. From the day a business contacts NCWS for help with its move, we assign an experienced project manager who determines the equipment that needs to be moved and arranges to make sure you have the resources necessary to move it. We set a date for your move that minimizes impact to your customers and we take every measure possible to ensure your websites and file servers are up and running as quickly as possible following the move.

NCWS also works directly with Hawthorne s information technology providers who offer storage space to businesses throughout the city, state, and beyond. Our data center movers respect the expertise of a data center s management team and specialized IT staff and we work with them to make sure the move is carried out to their specifications. We use special equipment and materials to stabilize each piece of equipment as it is transported to the truck, as while as while the truck is on the road. These extra touches make a big difference in ensuring servers arrive at their destination without damage.

Data Center Restructuring

In some cases, Hawthorne businesses want to remain in the same building, making their data center change to meet their current needs. They may have found their ventilation is severely outdated, leading to overheating in the room. In some instances, they may simply need to add more space or repurpose an unused area of the room for something else. When restructuring is needed, the server movers at NCWS can help.

Upon request, we ll survey a space and make recommendations to help businesses learn how they can restructure a space to reach an end goal. Our technology movers will become an extension of your business s existing staff, working alongside them to do the planning and labor necessary to seamlessly transition from the old setup to the new environment. NCWS also provides spring cleaning for some Hawthorne businesses, helping with tasks like cable management, server mapping, and more.

Computer Transport Services

When most businesses contact a server moving company, the primary concern is making sure all equipment makes it to the new location safely. Our data center movers use unmarked trucks to safeguard a business s data as it travels. Each truck is driven by our own employees, so your business will have the peace of mind of knowing an NCWS data center relocation specialist will be handling every aspect of your move. We carefully screen each employee we hire, so your equipment will never be in the hands of third-party workers or contractors.

While planning for your move, our server movers will identify any risks connected to the type of relocation project you re planning. We ll outline those risks based on our own personal experience, as well as mentioning common issues that arise during a business move and let you know how you can prevent those risks. Having full awareness of these possible issues will give you a chance to proactively deal with them to make sure your move goes as seamlessly as possible.

End of Life Disposal

Eventually, every piece of equipment nears the end of its useful life. Our computer equipment movers have extensive experience in disposing of old equipment, thanks to partnerships with local recycling facilities. We can also prepare equipment for a business to take to its own preferred disposal facility, as well as securing hard drives before passing them on to other businesses or donating them to nonprofits.

NCWS uses a two-step process that ensures your data remains safe. First we make the data unreadable through a process called degaussing. Then, to physically destroy the drive, we shred it using our professional equipment, then safely dispose of the shards. Our process not only guarantees the security of a business s data, but it is environmentally friendly, which satisfies a business s sustainability efforts.


As part of helping you with your move, our technology movers come with a general insurance policy of up to $3 million. This type of insurance is usually required by a building s owners, who need proof that the movers have insurance against damage to the physical property or injury while on site. In addition, NCWS carries $2 million in personal injury protection and $300,000 to cover any damage to your rented spaces.

While your equipment is on the road, our computer equipment movers take every precaution to keep it safe. In addition to these efforts, we also carry cargo insurance to cover any damage that might occur in transit. This amount can be adjusted to fit a business s unique needs, which ensures that every business s computers and servers are covered. In addition to specific insurance, our computer transport services come with a $1 million umbrella policy that covers anything that happens during the move that isn t covered under the other insurance policies we carry.

If your Hawthorne business is looking for a server moving company, NCWS is the perfect solution to fit your needs. We customize our services to meet your unique requirements, working directly with your team to outline everything you ll need to be fully prepared on the day of your move. When combined with our experienced computer and data center movers, you ll have the confidence of knowing that your move is in the most capable hands possible.

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