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Hard Drive Sanitation in New Hampshire

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Eventually, any business will have the need to recycle or transfer old equipment. If that equipment has data on it, leaving even a small trace of that data can be fatal to a business. If only one customer s social security or credit card information becomes compromised, a business could face fines, as well as the bad publicity that comes with a data breach.

If your business is located in New Jersey, you have access to certified hard drive sanitation services that will protect you from such an embarrassing breach. We ll take extra precautions as we prepare your old equipment for reuse or disposal to remove any chance of data remaining. Our combination of processes will give you the comfort you need as you clear old equipment from your office space.

Hard Drive Erasure

At National Computer Warehouse Service (NCWS), we have done careful research into data erasure. Simply wiping the drive or beating it with a hammer isn t enough. To make sure your data is completely unrecoverable before sending your equipment on its way, we employ a two-step process that starts with degaussing. Using special equipment, we completely change the orientation of the magnetic field on each hard drive a process that has been proven to make all data on it completely unusable.

In some cases, erasure is all a business wants. If the business wants the hard drive to be transferred to another division, for instance, that business may request the hard drive be wiped completely clean. When this is requested, we use the latest technology to rewrite each location on the drive with another character and its complement, as well as rewriting with a random character before verification. This meets U.S. Department of Defense standards for hard drive erasure.

Hard Drive Shredding

When complete hard drive destruction is requested, NCWS uses hard drive shredding to ensure a hard drive is rendered into small pieces, making it unusable. These tiny pieces ensure no hardware remains for others to access. Our services extend beyond New Hampshire businesses to help residents with their own hard drive destruction needs, as well.

For your New Hampshire businesses, NCWS offers a full suite of services that will ensure your equipment is removed and disposed of as responsibly and safely as possible. This will protect your valuable customer data while also allowing you to free up all of the office space your old equipment is consuming.

For more information on our equipment recycling & disposal options contact us for a custom quote. For your convenience (and at no charge) a project manager will be assigned to your account to ensure a seamless service experience!

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