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Hard Drive Erasure for Maine Businesses

Maine is known as one of the most beautiful states in the country, with tourists coming from all over the world to view its lighthouses and taste fresh Maine lobster. But beneath the beautiful scenery is an industrious area filled with businesses running on the latest technology. This creates a need for up-to-date PCs and servers to handle the workload. This creates a need to offload replaced equipment to avoid it piling up in a corner somewhere.

But Maine businesses face a dilemma when disposing of old equipment. PCs and servers have hard drives containing valuable data, possibly including customer financial information and private health data. If that information falls into the wrong hands, your business may face stiff penalties and public embarrassment as it comes out that you ve violated the trust of your customers or clients.

Hard Drive Data Destruction

When companies turn to National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) for PC and server removal, we use the latest, industry-tested methods to make sure every trace of data is gone from hard drives. The first step in this is to use degaussing, which exposes the hard drive to a magnetic process that resets the magnetic field on the hard drive to a neutral state. Once degaussing is complete, the data on the hard drive is completely erased, with no traces left behind.

In some cases, businesses want the data wiped from the hard drive with the hard drive remaining usable. NCWS provides certified hard drive sanitation services that ensure the drive is completely clean before it leaves our building, without any data remaining. This method will give you the security you need to know your data is safe.

Physical Hard Drive Destruction

NCWS adds an extra safeguard to its hard drive sanitation process by physically destroying the hard drive itself. The best way to accomplish this is through hard drive shredding, which reduces a hard drive to nothing more than a pile of scraps. These scraps are so small, they are inaccessible by anyone. When hard drive shredding is conducted for a Maine business, the equipment is recycled without the hard drive, with new users either adding a new hard drive or using the parts for other equipment.

When a Maine business needs to recycle equipment, NCWS s state-of-the-art hard drive sanitation services are a great choice. Businesses can turn their old equipment over to NCWS and trust that all data will be safely gone by the time the equipment is recycled.

For more information on our equipment recycling & disposal options contact us for a custom quote. For your convenience (and at no charge) a project manager will be assigned to your account to ensure a seamless service experience!

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