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Hard Drive Destruction & Hard Drive Shredding Massachusetts

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Importance of Data Destruction Services

Electronic fraud and identity theft are daily issues that all organizations face daily. Organizations that do not properly destroy media storage are most certainly adding another level of vulnerability to disclosure, theft, misuse, and litigation.

NCWS, LLC of Massachusetts has over 14 years of providing our new and long term clients with secure and compliant Mechanical Hard Drive Destruction Services. We offer both on-site and off-site Hard Drive Destruction Services. We offer each client certification that all items are responsibly processed through our legal chain of custody. We adhere to the many EPA privacy regulations, all State of Massachusetts, and all Federal Government laws. Upon completion of on-site or off-site Hard Drive shredding services, a Hard Drive Certificate of Destruction will be issued. The Hard Drive Destruction Certificate will also list each individual hard drive serial number for your records.

The shredded material is then responsibly recycled by a Massachusetts Class A Permitted Universal Recycling Facility, who s focus is to use a reuse, recover, dispose hierarchy of responsible management strategies .

NCWS, LLC of Massachusetts is the most experienced data destruction experts in Massachusetts. We are the go to vendor for Businesses and Corporations requiring corporate data destruction in the order of protecting their intellectual data, and business integrity. Our employees pride themselves on quality workmanship and proven professionalism.

NCWS, LLC of Massachusetts only uses the most transparent practices in data destruction. We only use the latest technology and proven techniques for safely destroying your Business Data all while in compliance with Local, State, and Federal Laws and regulations. Physical Hard Drive Shredding is the most compliant form of Corporate Data Destruction. The outcome of Physical Hard Drive Destruction using mechanical shredding is unreadable pieces. For added peace of mind NCWS is HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and EPA Compliant as well as a verified NAID Member.

Additional Information on Serial Number Logs: Auditing

Being a NAID Member for hard drive destruction is just another example of NCWS, LLC of Massachusetts going the extra to exceed industry standards. Most other Hard Drive Destruction Companies will just provide Media was Destroyed report that they classify as a certificate of destruction. Our daily practice with zero extra charge is to provide you with a Certificate of Destruction which will always include a Serial Number log for every hard drive also indicating it was mechanically shred, destroyed, and recycled. NCWS, LLC of Massachusetts hard drive destruction certificate serves only one important purpose, to provide you, your company, and its stock holder s protection when it comes to all the privacy laws & regulations.

TYPES OF MEDIA & HARD DRIVES DESTROYED: Any size or type of Hard Drive Any type of Backup Magnetic Any type of Floppy Disk Any type of Zip Disk Optical Media

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