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Fort Myers is not only a popular tourist destination. It s a city with a robust economy that includes hundreds of businesses. When a Fort Myers business has a need for technology relocation, it s important to find a server moving company that provides expert services. By leveraging this experience, a business has the peace of mind of knowing its server move will go as smoothly as possible.

For more than a decade, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has provided computer relocation services to clients around the country. Our expert server movers can handle server moves of any size, from large data centers to server closets powering small businesses. Our friendly and efficient services make us a top choice for Fort Myers businesses that are tasked with a large-scale server move.

Server Room Maintenance and Relocation Advice

Among our many services, NCWS s data center movers help businesses maintain their server rooms in between moves. This includes providing server room cleaning services in order to reduce the amount of dust and airborne particles. Through this measure, a business can prolong the life of its equipment and reduce costly outages due to component failure. Our computer movers also help Fort Myers businesses with data center reorganization and restructuring when needed.

Data center and equipment relocation is at the heart of NCWS s services. When a business contacts us for assistance with a move, a qualified server mover is assigned to help with the planning of the move. By working with an experienced professional, a business gets the advice it needs to proceed. These businesses know what to expect well in advance of move day to avoid any surprises and create as little downtime as possible.

Stress-Free Server Moves

A server room can be an extremely stressful process. Businesses are concerned that a move will result in extensive downtime. With more than a decade of experience in successfully executing server moves, our server moving company can use our experience to set up the move so that downtime is minimized as much as possible. On the day of the move, server movers will show up as promised and work as productively as possible, while still safeguarding equipment during the move.

NCWS also carries insurance on the equipment our data center movers handle. This gives businesses a more stress-free experience, since they ll know their equipment will be covered if something should happen. Additionally, our computer relocation services includes insurance against damage to the building or worker injury during the move process. Many facilities managers require this insurance to be in place before a move is authorized and NCWS provides the paperwork necessary to push this approval through.

Computer Equipment Moves

When a computer relocation is in the future for a Fort Myers organization, NCWS s computer movers can help. We move computers as part of an office-wide move that includes server relocation, but we also can move a business s computers and other office electronics when a server move isn t needed. Our server relocation services team has the experience and equipment necessary to safely move a business s equipment without damage.

NCWS has found that it s important to utilize experienced computer movers to make the move as safe as possible. Traditional movers often don t have the tools and expertise necessary to prevent damage. By entrusting its move to data center movers, a business knows its office relocation will reach a successful conclusion, with equipment arriving at the destination unharmed.

Seminar Relocation Services

Big events like seminars and conferences are more popular than ever with businesses in all industries. Whether a Fort Myers business is participating in a conference elsewhere or an outside business is participating in a Fort Myers-located event, our server relocation services team can handle getting the equipment to the event on time. We have a presence in multiple states to make it easier to coordinate the transport of equipment from one point to another.

By having computer movers handle the equipment relocation portion of a conference, a business s team members will be able to focus on putting their presentations together and networking at the event. Setup and breakdown can be handled by a skilled server mover to free professionals up to focus on other aspects of the event.

Data Destruction and Equipment Recycling

Over time, businesses naturally have the need to dispose of equipment, with old devices being replaced by new. Responsibly recycling this equipment can be a challenge, since it can t simply be tossed in a dumpster. A server moving company can help with equipment removal, working directly with recycling resources to ensure proper disposal.

One major concern for businesses as they eliminate old equipment is a data breach. Even with the most careful erasure procedure, data can remain on a device s hard drive, including on smartphones and tablets, as well as servers and computers. Server movers specialize in ensuring all traces of data are removed before equipment is sent to its next destination. At NCWS, we utilize a two-step process that includes degaussing the hard drive to completely erase it as well as shredding it using our state-of-the-art shredding equipment.

Document Management and Asset Tagging

Today s businesses are challenged to track assets and documents using technology. Data center movers can help a business set up procedures that automate document management. Not only will paperwork be stored securely on a server, but the business will also have an easy way to locate the files it needs and manage those files, including forwarding them to other parties and implementing change tracking.

During the move process, many businesses are challenged to access a comprehensive list of their entire inventories. A server mover can set up a system for tracking and managing inventory, including asset tagging and inventory management software. By putting these methods in place, a business can better be involved with its own assets.

When Fort Myers businesses need server relocation services, NCWS is a firm that can handle it reliably. By working with the experts, a business will know its data center equipment, office equipment, and other assets will be in good hands, whether a business is relocating or maintaining equipment between moves.

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