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Fort Lauderdale Businesses Save Time with Fully Populated Rack Moves

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When a business contacts a server mover, usually that business understands that the process will involve removing each piece of equipment and loading it separately, with the racks following. But in some instances, a server moving company can move a rack while all equipment is still installed. The process isn t right for every business, so here s what your Fort Lauderdale business needs to know.

Server Weight

Not every rack can be moved with server equipment installed. Server movers can assess a business s server room to determine whether racks can be reasonably moved as they are. In some instances, data center movers find that racks are built for mobility, allowing for safe relocation of both the rack and the equipment inside. In others, special moving equipment can move racks safely with equipment installed.

The first thing to understand before making the decision is that the combined weight of equipment inside a rack can cause damage even within the greatest care from technology movers. At the very least, racks and shelving could become damaged and at worst, expensive, expensive equipment can shift during the process, harming hard drives permanently.

Building Logistics

Another challenge computer movers face when trying to relocate fully loaded server racks is building design. Many doorways, hallways, and outdoor paths aren t designed to accommodate the large size of a fully-loaded rack and moving equipment. If a business is moving from a building that has this feature, the remote location often can t handle it. It s important to measure door sizes and clear it with facilities managers at both locations before move day.

Truck size is also a concern for businesses considering these types of moves. It s important to find server relocation services that can handle fully-loaded racks in their trucks, with the equipment necessary to get them in and out of buildings safely. The computer relocation specialists at National Computer Warehouse Services are experienced in moving fully loaded server racks and can offer advice on how to make the move a success.

Security Concerns

Another consideration when deciding whether to have a server moving company complete your move with your racks loaded is security. Some businesses are more comfortable dividing servers up to avoid an entire rack becoming compromised. With fully loaded racks, often a large portion of a business s server infrastructure can be confined to one or two trucks. If something happens to those trucks, it can leave a business out of service until those servers can be replaced.

While it s unlikely your server movers will have such an emergency in transit, some businesses still prefer to move equipment separately to avoid a catastrophic loss. If security is a concern, speak to your data center movers about its security procedures. National CWS will work with a business to explain the different options available and recommend the best one for its unique needs.

Move Protection Risks

Loss and damage is also exacerbated with a fully loaded rack move. When technology movers relocate servers, each piece of equipment is removed and covered with anti-static, moisture-resistant packing material that helps keep it safe while in transit. Without this protection, servers could come into contact with elements like moisture and static, and the business wouldn t realize the damage until the server was powered up at the new location.

Computer movers can come up with a way to protect entire racks, as well, however. If this type of damage risk is a concern, National CWS can work with your business to ensure all equipment is protected before moving to avoid damage. By protecting racks to the best of our ability, our computer relocation specialists will provide the convenience of a total server move without the risk.

Things to Consider

Before making the final decision, though, there are a few things to consider. One if you re entrusting your data center relocation to an experienced server mover, the extra work involved in unloading and reloading everything can be turned over to experts. Our server movers will put the work into making sure the move goes as smoothly as possible, allowing your business to focus on other things.

By removing each component, we ll also have the chance to reinstall it to your specifications. Some businesses choose to take the opportunity to have technology movers reload the rack in a new configuration to make it more accessible to IT team members. A server move is also a great time to clean equipment, dispose of excess peripherals, and perform general maintenance that can be easily put off during the course of day-to-day work.

Usually a server moving company will use a forklift to move fully loaded racks, which can be a problem for confined spaces. Forklifts are ideal for large data centers with extra-wide doorways but some server rooms are located inside office buildings. If your business isn t set up to handle a forklift, it might be a good time to reconsider removing components before moving.

One good time to move a fully loaded server rack, however, is when equipment is being relocated within the same space. Often a business has a need to simply move a rack a few feet over to make room for a new rack or create a pathway. Computer movers can sometimes handle such a move without removing a single component. Because the rack isn t being transported a large distance, the risks aren t as great. When racks are being moved around within a server room, computer relocation specialists will often recommend a fully loaded rack move to save time and money.

If you re considering a server room move, a server mover can help you come up with the best solution for getting your sensitive components from one location to another. In some instances, a fully loaded rack move may be the best option for your business while in many others, unloading and reloading the rack is best. Your server movers can explain the risks and rewards specific to your own move to help you make the most fully informed decision you can.

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