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Finding the Right IT Movers for Your Next Conference

Finding the Right IT Movers for Your Next Conference

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, July 28 6:00

The number of trade shows and conferences seem to grow by the year, as professionals realize the many benefits of coming together to promote their brand and network. As displays and presentations have become more elaborate, however, many businesses are finding that they need assistance to have the best setup possible once they arrive at a location.

Companies that specialize in IT relocations have found their skillset is ideal for helping businesses with their conference and trade show needs. Whether it's computer or projection equipment or displays, IT movers can pick up the necessary items and transport them to a conference center or trade show. This can include picking up items from a business's office space and driving it across the country to be set up at a specified location by a certain time and date.

Benefits of IT Movers for Conferences

When a business chooses an IT relocation specialist for its conference needs, that business can offload a significant portion of its concerns to a third-party company with expertise in that area. Instead of spending the weeks leading up to the event worrying that items won't make it to the final destination, professionals can concentrate on preparing for the event itself, including researching attendees and preparing their speeches and presentations.

Additionally, a third-party provider will often set items up, including installing equipment and wiring. Since IT move specialists are often also server movers and data center movers, they have experiencing in setting up and testing equipment for full functionality when users arrive. Since everything will be tested well in advance of the big event, professionals will have peace of mind when they trust their conference needs to a specialist.

Careful Planning

Businesses often feel overwhelmed by the extreme amount of planning involved in setting up for a conference. Prior to the event, IT movers can do the legwork, learning as much as possible about the venue to avoid any last-minute surprises. As a business searches for a third-party provider to handle its conference, it should keep in mind the type of event and make sure the chosen vendor has experience with those setups. An IT moving company that primarily works with trade shows may not be familiar with the conference/seminar environment, which usually involves presenting in a podium as opposed to displaying advertising messages at a booth.

The chosen moving company should also have a track record of successful handling similar events without incident. If reviews aren't available, ask for references to determine how reliable the vendor was, both in getting the event set up and ensuring all equipment gets from one point to another and back again without damage.

IT movers can serve a variety of functions to a business, no matter what its size. Conferences, seminars, and trade shows provide a great opportunity to make a great impression on peers and potential customers. By outsourcing transport of equipment and related items to a conference site, businesses will know their presentation will be ready when they arrive, reducing the odds of embarrassing snafus the day of the event.

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