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Old fashion pride and work ethic

Old fashion pride and work ethic

by Shawn Simon on Wednesday, May 22 13:25

Old fashion pride and work ethic

We don't necessarily want to judge another person or company, but when you see the obvious you can't help but to have an opinion. There has been many times we have been working with a partner and thought in our heads, "what wow factor."

But more often than not, it is easy to ponder how another process can be made better. How the process can improved upon so that the spicket can be opened all the way. In any data center or server relocation project that involves so much, it can be easy to get caught up on the whole picture. It is easy to get stuck on the what if variables. What if there is an employee injury, server damage, or data loss.

These questions are prudent to ask, but we return the questions with pretty straight forward answers. Work safe, prepare, and have processes. There is no reason to over think the obvious, and no need to reinvent the wheel.

So we are at a cross road, the old fashion pride inside says you can get this project done. We are sure you can, but if there is a better system out there proven by unsurpassed work ethic then why do it yourself? It's understandable you may be under the microscope but if you involve the correct tool for the job, you will still be in a lead position.

When have you ever heard of a hammer getting the recognition for building the house? Of course you won't hear this because it wasn't the hammer who built the house, it was you. So we circle back to the old fashion pride. If you have old fashion pride and work ethic, but you use a hammer, are you not responsible for building a house?

When you are performing a data center relocation, or moving servers that are many pieces of the puzzle that will need to be handled. When you are lead on a project you will need to delegate the project in order for you to have a favorable outcome. So by using a data center relocation company like National Computer Warehouse Services as your hammer, are you still not "building the house?" The answer is that you are building the house and using the appropriate tool for you to get the job done with a favorable outcome. By using the correct tool you are not lacking any pride, or work ethic.

As a matter of fact we have not heard of any hammers asking for the credit in building the house. This isn't the job of the hammer to promote self cause or worth. The hammers role is to assist, and this is exactly what we do; we assist.

By no means are we saying you don't have a capable staff, but if you work smarter instead of harder... doesn't that make sense?

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