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Chicago has long been a hub of industry, serving as home to a large number of corporate headquarters, startups, and SMBs. When a business needs to relocate its office or data center, it s important to bring in the right people to help. Professional server movers can work with a team to plan and deploy a move with minimal downtime, assisting with setting up at the new location as quickly as possible.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has a team of the best professionals in the industry working throughout Chicago and surrounding areas. Whether businesses are moving locally or across state lines, our computer transport services are designed to help. Well in advance of your move, we ll sit down with you and begin the planning process, making sure we ve accounted for every obstacle you might encounter during the move. Careful planning and years of experience have helped us successfully complete thousands of moves in cities around the country.

Chicago s Biggest Projects

Our server moving company handles a wide range of services for Chicago-area businesses. This includes moves of all types, from computer equipment to full data centers. We ve managed some of the largest corporate relocation projects in the country and our experienced movers can tackle any challenge. We will assess the scope of your move and offer recommendations as to the exact services you ll need to make sure your move goes smoothly.

If your business is planning a conference, our data center movers can relocate your equipment for you. This eliminates the stress of transporting projectors, computers, and other electronic equipment to the conference location. Your employees can merely show up at the designated location at the beginning of the event and have all of the equipment already there. This not only helps businesses save time, it also prevents damage, since equipment is transported by experienced data center relocation specialists using our specialized packing material.

Reliable Professionals

When you contact NCWS for your Chicago-area business s upcoming move, you have access to our team of reliable professionals. These include project managers, technology movers, team leaders, and transportation technicians. Each worker is a NCWS employee, so you ll never have to worry about your move being contracted out to third-party providers. We take your security seriously, carefully selecting server movers who have the experience and background necessary to keep your equipment safe.

Physical appearance and professionalism are important traits in our computer equipment movers, as well. We train our computer equipment movers to appear at your location well groomed and dressed to identify themselves. This helps your own staff easily recognize your equipment and data center movers to avoid unauthorized people from gaining access to your protected work areas. We also hire only those employees who conduct themselves professionally. You ll be assured that on move day, as well as during the planning process, our employees will be a professional extension of your team.


During the move planning process, many teams find that their building management requires insurance for each of the technology movers who will be on site. This helps protect the building s owners from any issues that arise during the move itself. NCWS carries a general policy of up to $3 million during the time we re on site; we also carry $2 million in protection against injury.

Once equipment is secured on our moving truck, additional cargo/catastrophic insurance kicks in. This amount can be adjusted to match a business s unique needs, but it is designed to cover the equipment inside the truck during transportation. We have two professionals assigned to drive the truck, staying with the equipment as it moves to its new location. When combined with our secure packaging, the insurance our computer transport services provides gives businesses confidence in our service.

Protection Against Dangers

Unlike the furniture and file cabinets moved by office movers, computers and servers can be damaged by a variety of factors. Shock is one of the best-known dangers, prompting server movers to use specialized materials to transport equipment from office space to trucks and from trucks into new spaces. This prevents sensitive hard drives from becoming damaged by a computer or server being dropped or jostled around inside the truck.

In addition to stabilizing each piece of equipment, NCWS s data center relocation specialists use our specially-designed packaging that protects against humidity and static. This keeps each piece of equipment safe from the time it leaves your office, ensuring it arrives at the destination in the same condition in which it left.

How to Begin

For Chicago-area businesses planning a move, NCWS has a series of questionnaires that can be completed specific to your needs. Our free project quotes are available for data center equipment, office computers and peripherals, server decommissioning, hard drive destruction, and more. Our computer equipment movers provide free, no obligation project quotes to help you determine if our services fit within your budget.

Once you ve accepted the quote, our data center movers will work to help you prepare for your big move. We assign a project manager who collaborates with your team to help equip you with the information you ll need to ensure your move goes smoothly. Our server moving company has 13 years of experience in helping with moves like yours and we can create a custom solution that fits your needs. On move day, we ll show up on time, ready to work, with our technology movers often able to complete full relocations in the same day. If done on a weekend, this means your business will be ready for work first thing Monday morning, keeping your clients from ever realizing you ve moved your computer equipment.

For Chicago businesses, office relocations can be stressful. NCWS s capable team of server movers have the experience and professionalism necessary to help you with each step of the planning and implementation of your move, allowing you to focus on running your business. With our experienced computer equipment movers helping with your relocation, you can feel secure in knowing that you re well prepared for your upcoming move.

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