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Prior to any server move, a business should spend months planning the logistics. Each server usually answers to multiple devices, powering the applications and files users need to do their jobs. Having damage to even one server could have a dramatic impact on a business s productivity.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) employs a full staff of server relocation specialists who are experienced in successfully planning server moves. Whether you re moving only one or two servers or you re tasked with relocating an entire data center, our server move specialists can help. You ll work directly with our skilled team to plan and complete your server move without those pesky problems that can lead to major delays.

Rack Placement Good rack organization is important to an effective server room. It s important that all servers are properly ventilated, with cables well organized, to avoid downtime and hardware failures. We map out your desired server layout and carefully de-rack your equipment on the day of the move. We ll follow your instructions as we relocate your equipment to the new server room, ensuring each piece of equipment is both ventilated and easily accessible to your server staff when needed.

NCWS works directly with your staff to ensure that you experience as little downtime as possible. We ll suggest a testing plan that will allow you to make sure your files and applications will be operational as soon as possible following your move. Once installed in the rack, we ll power up each piece of equipment to make sure it powers on as planned, allowing you to test for connectivity throughout your organization.

Attention to Detail

Our team becomes an extension of your team, with a skilled project manager working alongside your team during each step of the planning process. On move day, our skilled server relocation specialists will carefully pack and load your server equipment onto our truck, padding all items for shock absorption during the trip. Once we arrive at the new location, we ll unload and unpack each item, loading it directly into the rack as specified by your team. Our professional, courteous staff will ensure each step of the move progresses as smoothly as possible, getting your users operational as quickly as possible after the move.

At NCWS, we realize that a server relocation can be a stressful experience. With more than a decade of experience in IT relocation's, we have the knowledge necessary to both plan and complete your move with minimal downtime to your organization.

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