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San Diego is one of the top cities for business growth, with both startups and corporations choosing to locate their headquarters here. If you re one of those savvy business owners, you likely realize the importance of having skilled technicians to support and manage your sensitive electronics and equipment. On a daily basis, this means hiring talented information technology professionals to manage server rooms and handle technical support requests.

When a business needs to relocate, however, it s important to find the right moving company to handle the task. General moving service providers can easily handle relocating your furniture and files. But when it s time to move your important server equipment and computers, you need specialized technology movers to handle the job for you.

Technology Expertise

NCWS handles equipment moves for businesses across San Diego. We work with each of our clients to plan each move to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Before standard movers remove file cabinets and furniture and load it onto their trucks, our computer transport services team can safely package each piece of computer equipment and load it onto our truck, where our experienced server movers carefully transport it to its new location.

For San Diego s many data centers, we offer dedicated services, with data center movers who have advanced expertise in relocating sensitive data center equipment. We use anti-static and anti-shock materials to protect your most important equipment. Our packaging is designed to prevent the biggest risks your equipment faces during a move, making it more likely you ll experience no noticeable interruption in service during the course of your relocation.

Years of Experience

Often when a business hires a server moving company to manage a big move, the movers who arrive on the big day aren t the same team they ve been working with during the planning phase. Our technology movers are carefully chosen based on their past experience in working with data center relocations. Each mover is carefully screened to make sure they uphold our commitment to providing worry-free services to our clients.

Even once your equipment is on the truck, you can still rest assured that your data is in good hands. Each truck is assigned two computer equipment movers who travel along with the equipment until it has safely reached their destination. Our computer transport services include unmarked vehicles to disguise the identity of the items stored inside, offering a level of security that isn t available from some other server movers.

Careful Planning

Few San Diego businesses relocate their offices at the last minute. In fact, most organizations plan their moves months in advance. NCWS assigns project managers to each move from the beginning and they work alongside the business team to help plan and work through logistics both before and during the move. We have more than 13 years of experience in data center relocation and put that knowledge to work for your business.

While no plan can guarantee there won t be any issues on move day, our server moving company lends our years of expertise to your business during the planning phase of your move. We have personally overcome numerous obstacles in the course of a relocation and can advise your company on what to expect on that crucial day. By being fully aware of all of the things that could go wrong, your business can take steps to make sure you ve prevented any problems from emerging.

Computer Relocation Projects of All Types

From large, enterprise-level moves to small startups with only a few PCs and printers, NCWS can handle every type of move. We can work with a San Diego business or nonprofit of any size to handle a move or reorganization of an existing space. Our technology movers can decommission the equipment at a space that is being phased out or remove equipment that needs to be taken offsite. With so many businesses trying to find ways to make the most of every square foot of office space, the services our computer equipment movers provide are in high demand.

One way our server movers can help your business is by creating a document management system. We take a business s existing paper documents and put them on a secure server, where they re protected for years to come. Instead of worrying about boxes or file cabinets full of paperwork taking up office space, your San Diego business will have your important documents in electronic form. Once they ve been uploaded, your employees can easily find the file you need through an advanced search interface, at which point you can forward the document to the party who needs it or print it if you must have a paper copy.

Environmentally Friendly

Our data center movers make every effort to create sustainable solutions to our computer transport services. Our document management solutions give businesses a setup in which they can save and manage documents on the server, rather than having paper documents. This not only conserves space, but it cuts down on the use of paper, printer ink, and the energy required to print and copy files for preservation.

When a business needs to offload old equipment, our data center relocation specialists can help. We work with professionals throughout San Diego to dispose of computers, printers, and other sensitive electronics safely and sustainably. We have partnerships with local recycling centers, which gives us a perfect venue for delivering old equipment for our clients. Some businesses come with their own specific requests for offloading old equipment and our server moving company can help with that, as well. We shred hard drives before sending them to their destination, which ensures the data on those drives won t fall into the wrong hands.

When you need technology movers in the San Diego area, NCWS is the company to call. We can provide a free project quote based on information you provide on one of our move questionnaires. We have affordable pricing and top-quality service, which means you ll be able to enjoy a great move experience. Whether you re moving a small office, a large data center, or something in between, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

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