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Elgin s businesses rely on their servers to keep business running on a daily basis. With the city growing so quickly, many of its businesses find a data center move is unavoidable. Whether they re moving servers, computers, or a combination of both, Elgin businesses often call upon the computer movers Chicago-area residents trust.

With years of experience in IT relocations, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) is the perfect server moving company to handle equipment moves and logistics. Our datacenter movers not only bring their expertise to fully inform your move planning process, but they also are equipped with the materials necessary to keep equipment safe throughout the move. Each server mover is committed to ensuring your equipment arrives at its destination in the same condition it was in when it left its original location.

Unique Suite of Products

Servers must be protected during transit, which is why NCWS invests in unique products designed to keep your equipment safe. Our server moving materials include our one-of-a-kind packing material that keeps equipment safe throughout the move. Our ENVIRO-Packaging protects equipment from static and humidity, which are two of the biggest dangers during an IT relocation.

Another danger equipment faces during transport is shock. Our computer movers use specialized shock-absorbing pallets made using our own visco-elastic polymer disks. These pallets prevent any type of shock from reaching the sensitive internal components of equipment during a server move, allowing our server moving company to protect your equipment at all times.

Insurance and Protection

Our server moving company knows the importance of keeping equipment safe. For that reason, we carry insurance that covers our data center movers, computer movers, and damage to equipment or facilities throughout the move. We also cover equipment while it is securely housed on the truck, when it is most vulnerable.

In addition to insuring our computer server relocation process, NCWS also puts measures in place to keep items safe during a relocation. We always dedicate two computer relocation specialists to a data center relocation to make sure equipment is never left unattended at any time. If for some reason a truck should malfunction during a server relocation, NCWS has a rapid response action plan in place to ensure a truck is dispatched to help as quickly as possible.

Relocation Planning

Unlike other server rack moving companies, NCWS takes move planning very seriously. From the time a business chooses to work with us in moving IT hardware, we assign a project manager to plan each step of the project. Our server movers have the expertise necessary to handle any technology-related move without putting a company s operations at risk.

In addition to equipment relocation, our datacenter movers also handle data center decommissioning projects. Whether a business is relocating operations to the cloud or switching old equipment for new, our rack movers will ensure hard drives are cleared and shredded to avoid any data being compromised.

What to Do Next

If your business is planning a DC server rack move, server decommission, or computer equipment relocation, NCWS can help. Complete one of our questionnaires to get a free move estimate as soon as possible.

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