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Direct-Attached Storage: What Your Business Should Know

Direct-Attached Storage: What Your Business Should Know

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, March 02 6:00

Data center relocation specialists are often asked to set up an environment that works for a business s unique needs. When an IT team needs to add capacity affordably and compactly, direct-attached storage (DAS) is often recommended as an option. But DAS may not be the best choice for every data center. For this reason, our server movers will often review the pros and cons of DAS with each client to help them make the best decision.

Pro: Minimal Space Requirements

Once a business has maximized its existing server capacities, the next logical choice is to purchase new servers. But that can take up space. DAS offers businesses the ability to upgrade capacity without adding a new server.

Pro: Faster Access for Designated Users

IT relocation specialists often find that businesses have a need to upgrade space to address the needs of only a few specialized users. A business may have hired a data analyst, for instance, whose job is to work with complex databases on a daily basis. Instead of upgrading the entire enterprise, DAS lets businesses create an option that allows these specialized users to directly access the information they need without going through the server to get there.

Pro: Easy Setup

Because DAS is often included in today s servers, administrators can easily attach storage and begin using it. For businesses that have limited access to IT resources, DAS can be a great option since no expertise is necessary to deploy it. Once in place, using DAS is simply a matter of saving files to the new location.

Pro: Affordability

One reason DAS is popular with businesses is its cost. It is a much more affordable solution than comparable products, making it ideal for smaller businesses on a tight budget. If a DAS will be plugged directly into the server, the enterprise will simply need to purchase a hard drive, which have reduced in price to the point where even a large capacity is available for a low price.

Con: Lack of Scalability

One issue with DAS is its lack of scalability. Many servers have a limited number of expansion slots, an enterprise will be limited to the number of DAS devices that can be added over a data center s lifetime. If a business could experience growth in the near future, IT movers will recommend network-attached storage or a storage area network, depending on the unique business s needs.

Con: Lack of Advanced Features

Other forms of attached storage offer administrators the ability to remote in and copy data for backup and storage purposes. In a SAN, administrators can utilize snapshots to speed up data recovery. Both of these are nice features to have but in many environments, they may not even be missed. Data center movers will work to determine if either of these features would be of use to an organization before making a recommendation.

When a business needs to add capacity, DAS can be a great option. Server movers will recommend DAS when a business has the need to quickly add capacity while still staying on budget.

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