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DCR Project Management Checklist

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DCR Project Management Checklist

The size of your data center relocation project will determine the structure of the P.M. team. For a large enterprise initiative or one that will have global activity, you should implement the P.M.I program office model: an overall program manager will coordinate the activities of project managers. Project managers should be assigned to each key domain and/or location (in multi-site data center relocation s). Domains might include:

  • Mainframe/Host complexes
  • Server farms
  • DASD and Storage systems
  • Specialized equipment
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Facilities
  • Voice/Data, etc.

The all-too-common practice of assigning one P.M. to run the entire project may work for small efforts. Keep in mind a large data center relocation will need a dedicated P.M. team.

The role of the project manager in any data center relocation or consolidation is critical. It will determine the projects success, or failure. Your project managers will be among the most experienced and capable in the organization.

Your project management team (and for a larger project, you will need a team) should ideally be supported with a enterprise-wide Program Management Office (P.M.O).

The P.M.O should have the authority and budget to commit and manage the resources (budget, people, processes) needed to ensure the project s success.

Among the many responsibilities that the data center relocation project manager will have are to:

  • Lead meetings to manage and coordinate data center relocation, consolidation, and migration plans.
  • Lead meetings to manage and coordinate D.C.R., consolidation, and migration requirements, specifications, and architecture.
  • Lead meetings to manage and coordinate D.C.R., consolidation, and migration execution.
  • Create and maintain Microsoft Project, Excel, and Visio documentation, track and support overall project direction and progress on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Interface with construction manager(s), crew leads, and data center build teams.
  • Manage outside data center vendors and services suppliers.
  • Direct and coordinate cross-functional organizational activities for the project to ensure that key goals or objectives are accomplished.
  • Be effective working among highly technical IT professionals.
  • Manage and complete the project within an intense operational production data center environment, while using sound technical, political, and procedural judgment throughout the process.
  • Ensure financial accountability and electronic logging for data center assets, particularly in a large enterprise I.T. environment.

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