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There are quite a few reasons why a company would need a server mover for their rack servers or other IT equipment during a data center equipment relocation. Sometimes business continuity plans require the equipment be further away from the main office. Other times, the corporate server farm has outgrown that little closet it started out in. Regardless of the reason, it is a fact that much valuable time has gone into the workings of that equipment, let alone the actual cost of the equipment. Would you feel comfortable moving that equipment yourself? If you think so, consider the following:

  • What if the server gets dropped? Are we insured? The warranty definitely doesn't cover that sort of damage.
  • What if it ends up being too much to handle? I didn't realize these servers actually start getting heavier after the third one!
  • How about if I get in an accident transporting it myself?
  • I don't remember how it was all wired, and now I can't connect to one of the servers!
  • It's going to take a lot of man hours for this to happen.

Please accept our apology, we're not trying to scare you out of moving your servers. We're here to help you understand that NationalCWS has been built on over ten years of experience in relocating equipment like this. From the networking to the servers to the power and even the organization of the wiring. We structure our moves ahead of time with an inventory list you provide which allows us to come in with a plan for getting your equipment to it's new home flawlessly and efficiently.

We recommend filling out our brief relocation questionnaire to get a free proposal. We will provide a response within 24 hours. Should we need further information to complete the proposal, we will contact you.

Thank you for choosing NationalCWS!

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