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Data Destruction: Hard Drive Shredding and Erasure

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Today s businesses have an obligation to keep customer data secure. Any sound business strategy should include a plan to ensure that information never gets in the hands of an outside party. But even when an organization makes every effort to safeguard servers from hackers and malware, it may fall short at the end of a device s life, when it s time for recycling.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) specializes in hard drive data destruction. Employing the latest industry-tested technologies, we ensure when a hard drive leaves your facility, all data on it is completely irretrievable. Working directly with your team, we come up with a plan for your end-of-life equipment that prepares it for the next stage, whether that means recycling it without a hard drive or reusing it with all data removed without a trace.

Hard Drive Shredding

Hard drive shredding completely destroys a hard drive so that it can never be used again. As the name implies, with shredding your drive is broken into small bits, leaving your equipment with an empty socket where a hard drive once was. If you intend to use the hard drive again, this will not be the best option for your business. However, many organizations today no longer allow hard drives to remain in servers and computers once they ve reached their end of life. In some cases, businesses are subject to regulations that govern the destruction of hard drives, requiring destruction once its lifespan has been reached.

Hard Drive Degaussing

Hard drive degaussing is a process that mechanically erases all traces of data on a drive. When a hard drive is exposed to a magnetic field, its magnetic charge is completely changed, making the drive unreadable. Some types of drives can be degaussed in a way that allows it to be reusable, while others erase the servo tracks on the drive, permanently destroying it. If a business needs to reuse a drive, the data will need to be removed while keeping the servo tracks intact so that they may be read by the hardware that will be housing them.

Your organization should always be thinking toward the future, with a plan for each piece of equipment in your possession. By working with NCWS, you ll have the peace of mind of knowing your customer data will remain private even when your equipment reaches its end of life. We ll work with your organization to determine the hard drive destruction plan that best fits your needs.

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