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Data Center & Server Room Safety Awareness

Data Center & Server Room Safety Awareness

by Michael Godek on Wednesday, April 09 15:04

Data center & server room environments will have heavy IT equipment that needs to be relocated, so data center & server room safety awareness is critical in day to day operations. Moving IT equipment can be challenging and may cause injury if the equipment isn t moved properly. In order to prevent any harm, proper lifting techniques should be used when relocating a data center or server room equipment. Whether it s moving heavy cables or blade chassis, appropriate lifting methods need to be taken in order to avoid injuries that may cause substantial loss of revenue for you personally or your company. Data center & server room safety awareness should always be a common practice in these controlled environments to prevent any injuries.

The universal lifting method begins with standing closely to the object that will be lifted. Move your body as close to the object as possible to avoid straining any portion of the body. Kneel or squat next to the object, lift with your arms and knees using your body s core and not the waist or back. If applicable, rest the object on your knee if you are lifting by yourself for more stability. Once you have control of the object, lift with your legs and arms, keeping the muscular core tight. This will prevent any strain or contorting on the back. Furthermore, always have a sense of direction on where the object will be placed before lifting and if feasible, find a lifting partner to help with the process. Data center & server room safety awareness is important, especially if multiple IT equipment is being relocated.

Mechanical or specialized equipment use makes a data center relocation or server moving project streamlined and the risk of physical injury is lessened due to a decrease of strain on the body. By using dollies, lift gates, forklifts, and other mechanical moving equipment, a data center relocation project will be a more efficient process than without mechanical equipment. You will be able to reduce down time and physical man-power. However, safety awareness should always be a common practice. A common injury while using mechanical equipment occurs on the feet, hands, and eyes. Be sure to use PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves, eye glasses, and steel-toe boot products to prevent any injury from occurring.

A common injury in a data center or server room involves tripping or falling over cables (i.e. Ethernet, power cables, large UPS battery back up cable, etc.). The injury of tripping is unpredictable but safety awareness can prevent a situation from happening. By using safety measures, such as cables ties, gaffers tape, ramps, velcro ties, and other tie downs the likelihood of an injury from occurring will decrease drastically.

The use of an adhesive mat at the entrance and exit points of a data center or server room is recommended to eliminate dust and dirt particles from entering the controlled environment. A common cause of hardware failure is due to dust contaminating the IT equipment. By using sticky mats, the risk of dirt and dust intruding will decrease, ultimately making your data center or server room safer for your company and IT equipment. Also, by prohibiting and displaying no food or drink signage in the data center or server room, the risk of slipping and falling will be eliminated. However, it is common to have a designated area for this activity.

It is essential to have a first aid kit and a defibrillator, preferably an AED (automated external defibrillator), on scene in an office, data center, or server room. These two devices can save someone s life, especially if someone has a heart attack, stops breathing, and becomes unconscious. Furthermore, have your faculty or staff trained to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) if a situation arises.

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