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Data Center, Server, and Computer Relocation -– "The physical, right to the point"

Data Center, Server, and Computer Relocation -– "The physical, right to the point"

by Shawn Simon on Wednesday, May 22 10:29

A couple Excedrin s later you are past the pre-planning, planning; but what about the less thought about the physical moving of equipment. Server moving has many elements involved.

Your servers and equipment are now ready to be physically moved or relocated. Sometimes it is forgotten that servers and computers are heavy and have various rack unit or U (less commonly RU) sizes. Obviously the bigger the U, the heavier the equipment. Servers can weight 20 pounds, and go up to several hundred pounds. Server and computer moving can be a huge liability to your company. Simply put, if you are not used to moving (un-racking, packing, moving, handling, and re-racking) heavy computer equipment, you will have an increased chance for injury.

There is a domino effect when not having the proper moving staff and procedures during a data center relocation. Physical injury to staff is not the goal for a data center relocation. Furthermore if there is an injury from trying to move a server, it is likely that the equipment may be dropped. If the equipment is dropped or mishandled it will probably lead to equipment being damaged. Damaged equipment can also lead to data and software damage. Data and software damage can literally cost many thousands of dollars in overall loss. In a worst case scenario of the prior mentioned chain of events, worst case scenario could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to recover what has been damaged and loss of production time.

Insurance also play a vital roll in server relocation. If there were ever an injury, or claim, do you have the correct insurances to offer peace of mind in that particular situation. Some food for thought regarding insurance If walls are damaged in the building that you are working in, how will this be paid for? If staff are injured during the data center relocation, are you covered? What if an injury happens while transporting? What if the driver of the truck has an accident involving another vehicle, while your equipment is loaded in it? The list goes on and there are various insurances that would need to be carried for protection against these various situations.

Lastly, we will leave you with a few additional questions. How much preparation have you put into the physical packaging of the equipment? You will need to protect the computer equipment against road shock, static electricity, and humidity. Are you going to throw the stock holders servers in the back of a F150? Hopefully not, and if you do hopefully they don t find out!

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