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Data Center Moving Company

Data Center Moving Company

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Every business needs a selection of go-to vendors that they know they can rely on whenever they need help. Whether it's their cloud service provider or the person who supplies paper and toner cartridges, professionals usually create an ongoing relationship with various vendors to make things easier.

Although relocations aren't an everyday occurrence, a data center moving company can be a valued provider for a variety of a business's IT equipment needs. National Computer Warehouse Services not only specializes in office and data center moves, but we also help with equipment removal, hard drive disposal, electronic records management systems, and more. When a business has a data center moving company on speed dial, it can avoid the pileup of equipment that happens over time.

Contacting Professionals

Usually a business knows in advance that a move is pending. If it's an office move, they'll need to take pains to make sure every computer, printer, and on-site server is relocated without suffering damage. This requires careful planning that takes workers away from their usual daily duties. For data center moves, server administrators and business leaders will need to relocate every piece of equipment carefully while also minimizing downtime. This can be a challenge, especially if the equipment is being moved a considerable distance.

The first step in planning a successful move is contacting expert equipment movers to help. A data center moving company specializes in handling servers and data center wiring and can create a project plan to overcome any obstacles. We assign a dedicated project manager to each client and that manager's responsibility is to ensure the move progresses smoothly.

Preparing for Move Day

The first step in planning a move is to create a project proposal that outlines the cost of the relocation. NCWS provides this information for free, so businesses can check their budgets before committing to use our services. Our Data Center Relocation Questionnaire will gather the basic information we need to provide an estimate for your project. Once you've decided to proceed, your project manager will meet with you to review the fine details of your upcoming move.

When the big day finally arrives, our movers will show up at your location and handle everything using our specialized equipment and expertise. With so much careful preparation, businesses have the peace of mind of knowing their relocation project is in good hands. Our specialized packing materials and moving tools keep equipment safe while in transit, whether they're being moved through the building or traveling on the interstate in one of our temperature-controlled trucks. We also ensure two salaried, experienced movers remain with the equipment during transport, even if the data center relocation crosses state lines.

The right data center moving company can execute even the biggest move flawlessly. In addition to server and office moves, NCWS also provides ongoing services to customers across the country. These services can complement a move project, with an ongoing agreement to remove out-of-service equipment, set up a document management program, or provide data center and server room cleaning services.

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