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NationalCWS.com has been the preferred data center movers nationally for more than ten years. We offer all of our clients personalized and streamlined procedures to insure your data center move is delivered safe, on time, all while being delivered on budget. NCWS has proven security balances in place that protects your data center equipment from start to completion. Here are few reasons that NCWS are the preferred data center movers in the industry.

From your initial contact NCWS will take the time to learn and better understand your server moving project, prior to a signed contract. We carefully listen to our clients, while notating your scope for the project. During the time your information is being collected and processed, our teams will review it and discuss your relocation project. This will allow for our team to identify and isolate any possible risks. When the risks have been identified, we communicate our finding and offer suggestions along with contingency plans and/or plan modifications to your team. The goal is to become your data center mover. Our systems will effectively enable us to become an extension of your existing team.

While we review and better understand your particular set of project needs, a project manager is creating your personalized free proposal based on a unique scope. When the information on the moving project is completely understood, your dedicated project manager will send you a project proposal for review. We believe in keeping it simple and using common terms to communicate our proposals and cost of the project. All of your logistical hurdles are recognized, reduced, or eliminated using our 10 years plus of past experience.

Our proposals are built using multiple considerations, a few not realize before interacting with NationalCWS.com. You will feel comfortable knowing we thought of it for you, and before execution of the data center move. Our white glove service is molded to your companies exact need and specifications, no matter the size or scope.

Data center moving proposals includes the following considerations:

  • General insurance policy that offers our clients up to $3,000,000.00 (three million dollars) on site
  • TIP: A general insurance policy is often required by any lease agreement between our clients and where they are leasing space.
  • $2,000,000.00 (two million dollars) of personal injury protection
  • Medical coverage so you will not have to consider this liability.
  • NCWS employee s have $500,000.00 (five hundred thousand dollars) in coverage on site.
  • $1,000,000.00 (one million dollar) umbrella policy.
  • Cargo-Transportation insurance offers peace of mind during the transport of equipment. (Insurance can be adjusted according to project need)
  • Catastrophic insurance also offers peace of mind during the transport of equipment. (Insurance can be adjusted to accommodate project need)
  • Dedicated Project Management (NCWS are non outsourced team members)
  • Dedicated Project Managers (devoted 24/7)
  • Dedicated Level One Technicians
  • Dedicated Team Leaders
  • Dedicated Equipment Technicians
  • Dedicated Transportation Technicians
  • Educated and Uniformed NCWS Team
  • Specialty relocation equipment
  • Systematic packaging for all equipment to eliminate humidity, static, and shock
  • Supplies that are tailored specifically to your relocation
  • Specialized anti-humidity products that protect your data center equipment
  • Specialized anti-static products that protect your data center equipment
  • Specialized anti-shock packaging products that protect your data center equipment
  • Dedicated Transportation
  • Dedicated Security Mitigation

More on our unmatched transportation:

NCWS makes eases your mind when you know that we securely transport your data center equipment on our specialty non marked trucks, and vehicles. This reduces possible security risks during the moving project. Our vehicles are dedicated to only your equipment. All equipment remains secured on our vehicles from start to finish. Vehicles have dedicated NCWS drivers that were on site during the start of your relocation. We have planning in place if a vehicle was to suffer a mechanic break down. You can feel confident knowing your data center equipment will never be left alone. We also have a two hour rapid response plan getting us back on the road in case of breakdown. This will keep your data center moving project on time, and budget.

Fill out our secure relocation project questionnaire, call or email National Computer Warehouse Services, LLC today, and find out why we are the preferred data center movers!

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