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How Data Center Movers Help Relocate Equipment to Ontario

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A successful move of any type requires months of careful planning. But when that move crosses international borders, it s essential that measures are taken to plan for all eventualities. Businesses in need of help with their server relocation services have found that by working with a qualified, experienced server moving company, they can utilize that experience during the planning process.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has years of experience in moving data centers for businesses of all types. This includes local moves, where equipment is relocated from one part of town to another, as well as moves that cross state lines and even go across the country. Our technology movers don t think of themselves as mere equipment relocation specialists. From the time a business contacts us for a quote to the day the move is complete, our professional server movers oversee your project, making sure you have minimum downtime in the days prior to, during, and following the move.

Top-Quality Logistics

At its core, server relocation services are logistics. Our team coordinates the movement and transport of your equipment by unmarked truck or van. Our process ensures your equipment is not only safeguarded against damage during the move, but theft, as well. Equipment is never left unattended and because it s transported in unmarked vehicles, others are unaware of the equipment inside.

In addition to moving equipment carefully, our technology movers have the materials needed to protect equipment from the elements. This includes protection against static and humidity, which can damage equipment while in the truck. This extra step can significantly improve move day, reducing unexpected issues and letting your team focus on other aspects of the move.

Ontario Logistics

There are special requirements attached to a data center relocation to another country. NCWS regularly receives requests from American businesses relocating to Ontario and other Canadian provinces. While meeting customs requirements adds an additional step to the process, NCWS s professional team of server movers are working with a partner organization that is handling the logistics process for our American clients.

By working with NCWS, American businesses can reduce delays due to shipping requirement infractions, in addition to avoiding costly penalties. Our team will work with you to make sure your equipment passes all requirements. Our partner organization can answer any questions our technology movers have about the finer points of your move, including any paperwork you ll need to fill out in advance of your move.

Peace of Mind

In addition to the information our talented team of data center movers will provide, we ll also give you the peace of mind of knowing your move is protected. We carry general insurance on your move, as well as insurance against personal injury, damage to rented spaces, and medical coverage. We can also work with you to provide any specialized coverage you might need.

Our data center movers also understand that security goes beyond carefully watching and transporting your equipment. On move day, our server movers are clearly identifiable as NCWS employees by their clothing. As they move throughout your building, transporting equipment, everyone on your staff will know they re server movers. This keeps your areas safe, since any unassociated person in your building can be quickly identified and reported.

The Proposal Process

NCWS places a high priority on creating an all-inclusive proposal. Our experienced technology movers will meet with your team repeatedly to get the information necessary to create that proposal. This will include any information related to the international aspects of your move. This proposal is provided for free to make sure your move goes smoothly.

Despite the extensive technical experience of our staff, our data center movers always communicate in clearly understandable terms. Your business will have quick answers to any questions that arise throughout the process and on move day, you ll find our team professional and efficient.

Minimal Downtime

The scheduling part of a move is the most crucial part. Our technology movers realize that every business relies on connectivity throughout daily operations and, for that reason, we work to find the optimal date for your data center relocation. This could be an extended weekend or a time of the year that is especially slow. By planning your data center move to Ontario during a time that will have the least impact, we ll ensure your business is minimally affected by the process.

Once equipment has arrived at the new location, we ll recommend a process that will allow you to test connectivity as quickly as possible. Through testing, you ll be able to identify any problems quickly, in plenty of time to fix them before your employees return to work. This is why our server movers work nights, weekends, and holidays to make the move more convenient for your business.

Our Clients

NCWS has worked with some of the biggest names in business today, including major technology companies, financial institutions, and Presidential campaigns. Our clients rate our customer service and operations support top quality, giving accolades for our communication and efficiency. They appreciate the fact that the same team works with their equipment from start to finish instead of handing items off to other professionals not involved in the earlier part of the move process.

Moving a data center can be a stressful time for an organization. By turning the hard work over to server movers with years of experience in a variety of move situations, a business can turn its attention to other areas. For businesses combining a data center relocation with an office move, this is a welcome relief. Our professional technology movers can not only make sure your servers are moved promptly and without issue, but they can handle your office equipment, as well, including computers, printers, and other devices.

NCWS works with businesses around the country, handling local moves, interstate moves, and even those that cross over into Canada. To initiate the process, you merely have to fill out one of our free project proposal questionnaires, with one designed for moves within the U.S. and another designed for moves outside the U.S. That free proposal will initiate a free rate quote that will let you make an informed decision about your move.

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