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Miami may be known for its warm climate and exciting night life, but the city boasts a strong corporate infrastructure powered by today s latest technology. As one of Miami s premiere data center movers, National Computer Warehouse Services is equipped to expertly handle any server move, rather a business is relocating from one side of town to another or moving across the country.

If your Miami business is planning a data center relocation in the near future, it s important to start preparations as soon as possible. The process can be complex, but our experts can walk you through each step, working to determine your needs and coming up with a plan to help you plan the big day. Here are a few things to consider before moving your servers.

Origin Information

The first step in determining the scope of your project is to conduct a site inventory of your existing infrastructure. Each step of your move should be carefully planned, from the pathway technology movers will take to exit the building to the type of moving equipment that will be needed to transport everything safely. National CWS s expert server relocation services specialists will work to determine your existing infrastructure in order to create a customized moving solution for your sensitive equipment.

As part of your origin information questionnaire, your business will be asked about the features on site that might help facilitate a move. Are freight elevators easily accessible for transporting large objects like racks? Will the trucks provided by the server moving company have access to your company s loading dock to more easily load equipment? Is equipment on one floor or will server movers be tasked with moving from floor to floor throughout the move? Once all of this information is determined, your company will be able to get the security permissions necessary to access the building on move day and our server movers will be able to move to the next planning phase.

Equipment Inventory

When personnel are being moved, items can simply be tossed in a box and sealed for movers to load. With IT equipment, however, it s important to make sure data center movers have a full list of each item being moved. This information can be used to make sure the right size and number of trucks is sourced for the day, the right packing materials and moving equipment is on hand, and the correct number of team members is brought to the site to handle the move in a timely manner.

National CWS can help a Miami-area business conduct a thorough inventory, which can then be sent directly to our moving staff. Small changes may be made to this list as move day approaches, but this list can give your server moving company a general idea for the size of the project. This inventory list will be used throughout the move planning process to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible on move day.

Project Management

While National CWS will assign a computer relocation specialist to work directly with you throughout the planning phase, most Miami businesses choose to assign a project manager. Whether this person serves as a dedicated project manager throughout the project or shares the duty with other day-to-day activities, National CWS has found that having someone in charge of the move helps the planning process go more smoothly.

In the case of a data center relocation, the assigned project manager usually has a level of technology expertise. An IT specialist has the vested interest in protecting a company s equipment, as well as a thorough understanding of the specialized needs of sensitive equipment. If the data center move is being handled by one of Miami s many dedicated data center services providers, our server movers often meet regularly with multiple team members from that data center to make sure its entire client base is protected during the move.

Destination Information

Just as a thorough site inventory is expected for the origin site, the same information is also required for a data center s destination location. This inventory can be trickier, since the business is usually not currently on site at the new building. Businesses must often request a walk-through in order to get a feel for the destination, with the server moving company optionally accompanying to help document all details.

While surveying the destination, businesses should take note of all elevators and access points and make sure access will be granted to all secure areas on the day of the move. Since server relocations often take place on weekends or after hours, a security guard likely won t be on site the day of the move to unlock access points. Part of the planning process is ensuring access will be available to all possible areas and getting the necessary keys and cards in advance.


A business s data is its most important asset. At National CWS, we realize the sensitive information that resides on Miami businesses servers and we work to make sure equipment gets from the origin to the destination completely unharmed. We do this using the latest moving equipment and padding to prevent exposure to humidity, static, or shock throughout the move process.

In addition to its precautionary measures, National CWS maintains insurance for our moves that protect against equipment damage and injury to our server movers. We ll also work with you to determine the age and condition of the equipment our data center movers will be relocating and provide a suite of solutions that takes equipment condition into account. In some cases, businesses are operating with aging servers that hold very valuable information. Our computer relocation specialists have years of expertise that we can put to use to help your company s move go smoothly.

When Miami businesses consider data center and computer relocation, National CWS is a top choice. With an expertise in technology relocation and a dedication to quality customer service, our server relocation services are the best choice for your next data center relocation. Contact us for a free move estimate today, or complete one of our secure relocation questionnaires.

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