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Data Center Decommissioning for Chicago Businesses

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Data Center Decommissioning for Chicago Businesses

Change is an inevitable part of doing business. You could continue in the same environment, utilizing the same technology, for multiple years, but that technology would eventually become outdated. As a business grows, the need to relocate server equipment is unavoidable. Shutting these rooms down is a highly-technical process, however, requiring professionals who are familiar with unique requirements related to moving IT hardware.

As more businesses eye a move to the cloud, data center decommissioning is becoming an important service. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has extensive experience in relocating server and computer equipment. As professional server movers, we have the packing materials and equipment necessary to carefully move your equipment offsite.

Moving IT Hardware

As Chicago datacenter movers, NCWS works with businesses of all types. One of the biggest concerns during a data center move is that equipment will become damaged in transit. Over the years, we ve developed a system that gives our clients the peace of mind of knowing their server equipment will be safe. We are the only professional rack movers to use ENVIRO-packaging, which preserves your data center environment as it moves from your old data center to its new location.

As you decommission your server equipment, you likely already have a destination in mind. Many Chicago businesses initiate a dc server rack move to relocate to a more secure data center or hand equipment off to a third-party data center management. When that happens, it s imperative that the equipment be stabilized to avoid disruption of internal contents. IT movers have shock-absorbing pallets to hold each piece of equipment in place as it is transported from the data center to the truck.

The Right Packaging

With our ENVIRO-Packaging, our server equipment movers can cover your equipment with environmentally-friendly packaging that protects equipment against shock, static electricity, humidity, and damages to equipment. During your I.T. move, we may also use heavy-duty boxes, anti-static peanuts, humidity control packs, anti-static bubble wrap, or anti-static poly bags to further protect your sensitive server hardware. Each of our professionals has extensive experience in working with a server moving company, giving you access to our extensive combined knowledge.

In addition to our enhanced packaging offerings, we provide extra security with our data center migration transportation. Each truck is dedicated solely to one client s data center move, ensuring your equipment gets our full attention. NCWS s professional team will handle each phase of your move, from planning to driving to the new location. Chicago businesses know how often a data center move can be farmed out to a third-party provider and they are often relieved to learn that with NCWS, one team does it all.

My Company Needs Help Moving Our Servers

If you would like to see why the team at NCWS are the computer movers Chicago businesses trust, complete our secure green recycling/decommissioning services questionnaire on our relocation questionnaire page. If you re interested in learning about our secure data destruction services, complete that questionnaire, as well. One of our professional datacenter movers will be in touch as soon as possible to begin preparing a quote that addresses your unique needs.

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