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When a business decides to move to a new location, often the first call they make is to a moving company. Furniture movers handle getting your boxes and bookshelves to a new location, but this is only a small part of any corporate move. The many PCs, servers, printers, and copiers in a business location must be moved, as well.

IT moves can t be moved by just any service. The many components inside electronic equipment are sensitive to shock, which requires that they be packed and safeguarded as much as possible using anti-static materials. An experienced IT mover has the knowledge and resources available to efficiently relocate electronic equipment of all types without damage. At National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS), we have more than a decade of experience with IT relocations and can make sure your move progresses as smoothly as possible.

Careful Planning

One of the most important things an IT moving service can do is carefully plan your move. NCWS works closely with your team to create a plan that stays within your budget, while still accomplishing your goals. We ll combine our years of IT moving experience with your staff s extensive knowledge about your own needs to make your move a success.

As part of our IT move planning process, we map out each piece of equipment s current location, as well as its final destination. This speeds things up on move day. If your relocation includes server equipment, we will work to ensure each device in your organization can connect as quickly as possible following the move.

Cable Management

As part of our IT moving services, NCWS makes sure your cables are neatly arranged and tucked out of sight, whether we re setting up equipment in a cubicle or a server room. This keeps your office spaces and data centers looking professional while also preventing the outages that can occur when a user accidentally kicks a stray power cord. If possible, our IT movers will run cabling prior to the move day to save time while the actual move is in progress. This preparation helps minimize downtime.

NCWS puts its years of experience to work for your organization. By entrusting your corporate IT relocation to a company that has worked with a wide variety of corporate IT moves, you ll know your move is in good hands. We ll get your equipment moved on time within your budget to allow you to get back to work as quickly as possible.

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