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Each day, professionals flock to Elk Grove, home to thousands of businesses thanks, in part, to its proximity to Chicago O Hare airport. In addition to the offices, manufacturers, and distributors located in the area, the city s industrial park also has a number of large data centers running on fiber optic networks in the area.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) offers a wide variety of technology services to the greater Chicago area, including Elk Grove. Our experienced server movers help with relocation projects as well as server room cleaning and data destruction. We re partnering with businesses throughout Elk Grove to provide top-quality reliable services at affordable prices.

Getting Started

For Elk Grove businesses, the first step in getting help with technology needs is to complete one of our project quote questionnaires. We ll ask basic questions to determine the scope of your project, then deliver a free quote to give you the opportunity to decide if we fit within your budget. Our computer equipment movers can help with your data center relocation, office equipment move, hard drive destruction, and environmentally-friendly equipment removal.

In addition to being a server moving company, NCWS also helps with office and data center operations task such as document management systems and server room cleaning. Our technology movers can show up on a designated weekend and reorganize your server racks to account for changes over the years. We can also help with cable organization to make it easier to troubleshoot when your business experiences problems.

A Personalized Solution

Once an Elk Grove business accepts our quote and gives the go-ahead to proceed, our computer transport services team will assign a project manager to work directly with your team through each step of your move. That project manager has extensive experience with moves like yours and can advise you on what you ll need to do to prepare. You ll be able to plan each step of the move, preparing your own employees and customers to ensure minimal disruption in services.

On the day of your move, your data center movers will arrive at the designated time, dressed in similar clothing to make it easier for your staff to identify them as they move through your data-sensitive work areas. They have a specialized expertise in working with data center and office moves and come equipped with the supplies they need to protect your sensitive equipment as it travels.

Equipment Disposal

As Elk Grove s companies have grown, many have found they ve outlasted some of the equipment they purchased in the early years. Equipment disposal can be tricky, however, since sensitive data can reside on the hard drives inside that equipment. Our server movers have specialized equipment to degauss and shred hard drives, ensuring the data that resides on them cannot be retrieved. This keeps your customer financial and contact data safe, as well as preventing any of your company s confidential information from getting out.

Once the hard drive has been removed and destroyed, our computer equipment movers can also take care of disposing of the servers, computers, monitors, and peripherals in an environmentally responsible manner. We have partnerships with recycling centers throughout the Chicago area that will make sure your drive is disposed of properly. If your business has specific requests for your equipment, we can facilitate those, as well, freeing up your time for other things.

Server Room Expertise

Businesses with data centers and server rooms find our specific data center relocation expertise valuable. Instead of merely loading equipment on the truck and dropping it off at its destination, our technology movers place each piece of equipment in its proper place in the rack. This means when your IT experts arrive at the space, they ll be able to connect power and test each piece of equipment to make sure you re ready to start work the next business day. This extra service can save your business significant time and expense, especially if your IT team is limited in size.

Our server moving company is also well versed in the many dangers that face sensitive server equipment, especially during a move. Our data center movers use our specially-designed packing materials that protect against shock, humidity, and static, both while being wheeled to the truck and while being transported to the new location. We also provide data center and server room cleaning services to Elk Grove, even when businesses have no plans to move. We can reduce equipment hazards such as dust with regular cleanings to extend the life of your equipment.


Since we offer a wide variety of services, NCWS has the flexibility to customize a solution to your business s unique needs. We can combine services to come up with a project plan that helps your business reach its goals. Our computer transport services are located throughout the country, which means our server movers can handle your move whether it s local or across state lines. Many companies need after-hours services to avoid business interruption and we can handle that, as well. Our computer equipment movers will work nights, weekends, and holidays to make sure your equipment is running by start of business the day after the move.

The nature of our work is flexible, as well. Whether you re planning a data center relocation, an office move, or a combination of both, our technology movers can work as an extension of your team or alone. Some companies hand the entire move over to us while they attend to other duties, while others prefer to be involved at each step of the process. Whatever your preferences, we can customize a solution that fits. Our top goal is customer satisfaction at affordable prices to make things easier for your business.

If your Elk Grove business is searching for a server moving company or other technology-related services, NCWS can help. We have a full team of skilled data center movers ready to help your business with our friendly, reliable services. Simply fill out one of our questionnaires to get a free project quote and we ll let you know how we can help you.

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