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Today s businesses are increasingly downsizing, with open-office plans and telecommuting allowing companies to do more in far less space. The electronic age also means businesses no longer require rooms full of filing cabinets, since most paperwork can be stored on corporate servers. This downsizing means more businesses than ever are relocating to smaller offices.

When it s time to relocate, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) can take care of everything, from planning the move to setting your business up in its new location. With more than a decade of experience in computer relocation, we handle all of the electronic components of a business s move. Whether you re moving an entire data center across town or just tackling the relocation of an office full of computers, NCWS can take care of everything.

Planning the Move

NCWS realizes one of the most essential components in a successful move is planning. We work with your staff to develop a detailed plan for your move that includes both a timeline and a cost estimate. This will allow you to get your budget in line during the months leading up to the move, as well as know the cost of any unexpected surprises. From the moment you choose NCWS to handle your computer relocation, we ll assign a project manager who will work directly with your team to plan each step of the process.

Moving your computer equipment requires much more than simply loading it on a truck. Our skilled team will ensure all cords and peripherals are packaged with the right equipment and that all equipment is properly packed with anti-static materials that pad it against shock while in transit.

The Move Day

Because our staff has extensive experience in IT moves, you ll be reassured that our team will handle your move as efficiently as possible. This will save you money, since we can accomplish the work in a limited amount of time. On move day, our staff will act as an extension of your own team, working to be as professional and productive as possible. We ll take pride in making sure your equipment arrives at its destination in top condition to avoid downtime.

Once your equipment is on site, we ll work directly with your IT staff to ensure all equipment is placed and operational in preparation for workers to return on the next scheduled day of work. You ll be set up to test your applications and files with plenty of time to fix any problems. This avoids downtime and keeps your business operational for your customers and clients.

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