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When it comes time to move your business, you now have far more to worry about than moving furniture and file cabinets. When an office moves today, businesses must make concessions for printers, copiers, scanners, and numerous PCs. This sensitive electronic equipment requires careful planning to ensure it not only arrives at its destination safely, but is delivered and set up in the right location.

At National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS), we have more than a decade of experience in computer equipment moves, from large-scale server rooms to multi-location businesses with thousands of pieces of equipment. We implement a careful planning process that makes sure users are able to work the next business day after the big move.

Fast, Efficient Computer Moves

From the time you contact NCWS, we ll begin working for you. We ll gather data on your infrastructure and create a plan that specifically addresses your move needs. While experienced furniture movers will handle making sure your desks, office chairs, tables, and bookshelves get to their destination, we ll focus our efforts on getting your equipment to the new location, setting it up in its new office space.

Using anti-static packing, we shield each piece of equipment before it goes on the truck. This will provide the cushioning your sensitive equipment needs for the bumps and jars it will experience along the way. Equipment is transported on anti-static pallets to further protect it in transit. While furniture can handle a rough ride from one destination to another without damage, electronic equipment has sensitive components that can be damaged with even the slightest impact. Understanding this, NCWS takes extra measures to ensure the equipment is protected.

Computer Cable Management

If you ve ever looked under your desk to find a jumble of cables, you may be concerned your new location will have the same issues. NCWS pays close attention to cable management, neatly organizing all cords and tucking them out of the way. You won t have to worry about your PC coming unplugged because your foot became stuck between a group of tangled cords. This careful cord management also means your workstations will look attractive and neatly organized to create an aesthetically-pleasing office environment.

If you need experienced, reliable computer equipment movers, NCWS is the perfect option. We ll plan every aspect of your equipment move to make sure your employees can work as soon as they arrive at the new location. With NCWS, you can turn your attention to your business needs and let us handle your electronic equipment.

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