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Common Mistakes in a Data Center Relocation

Common Mistakes in a Data Center Relocation

by Shawn Simon on Wednesday, May 22 10:03

Common Mistakes in a Data Center Relocation

Data center relocation is normally complicated, and full of twists that IT technicians may not consider on a daily basis. This is why when moving servers there has to be much more consideration and planning. But is planning enough for it to be successful? Certainly not, unqualified data center movers have a high potential to result in failure. Everyone hopes their data centers will successfully be relocated, but not all moves end in good result. Most of the time they are successfully relocated, but in some cases they fall short. So what went wrong with a failed move?

Where does data center move usually fail?

From the planning to its post-move, or from the execution to its end, you can already start seeing the relocation s fate whether it s going good or not. That s why every team and staff of the relocation has to be sensitive to all the variables involved. If things go wrong without any member noticing it, that single flaw may cause the relocation to go wild and out of control. Every step of the way has to be perfectly met at every possible angle.

Planning. Planning properly will insure the chips fall in place and together at the final turns of the project. The longest step to data center relocation is planning. Why does planning take so much time? In most moves, planning accounts for every successful step of the execution. Success can only happen with a good plan. Poor schematics usually go with the taste of failure. So plan, plan, and plan deliberately. Through this, a failure will be avoided.

Staffing. Every person in the team is as vital as the relocation itself. They are vital to every step of the overall plan from pre-planning, during execution, and when finalizing. But problems come when a team doesn't have the most qualified staff required for the execution. Grabbing the cheapest and less specialized members can potentially make the data center relocation a disaster. That s how important picking members of the team are. So don t use second-rate staff if you don t want to fail.

Execution. The execution will go smoothly even with the hindrances coming along the way. But sometimes even with the right planning and the most qualified team, there are still bumps along the relocation path. The appropriate qualified staff will determine which path is best taken in order to complete a successful relocation. The cheap always comes out very expensive in relocations, and you do not cut corners here. Carrying out a well thought out plan with the under qualified staff will result in failure when an obstacle must be overcome. The execution needs both the plan perfectly followed and the appropriate educated team united as one body even when obstacles come across their path.

The three play the most vital rule in the data center relocation. Don t make the move without them!

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