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Chicago IL Server & Computer Equipment Relocation

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Moving servers can be complicated, with sensitive components subject to damage with even the slightest trauma. Computer equipment can be equally sensitive during a move. Chicago IL businesses can t afford to have their equipment down for even a few hours, whether that equipment is a server that powers thousands of devices or a computer that a trusted employee relies on for important operations each day.

By working with a professional server & computer equipment relocation service, businesses can move their equipment with very little disruption to daily operations. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has years of experience in data center migrations and we put that experience to use to help businesses across the country. If your Chicago IL-area business has a move in its future, our server & computer equipment relocation specialists can help.

Free Project Quote

When a business wants to work with NCWS on its upcoming move, we first recommend completing a project questionnaire. Using the information you provide there, we craft a quote that gives you an idea of how much it will cost to work with us to move your equipment. That quote includes our hands-on experience through the process of planning and completing your move, including our skilled server movers and transportation providers.

Chicago IL businesses are learning the cost savings that comes from working with a server & computer equipment relocation team on any office move. Unlike furniture movers, who only have to worry about damaging the exterior of the items they re moving, NCWS s specialists realize that technology equipment can be damaged by shock, static, and humidity and use specialized packaging and processes to protect everything. When your equipment arrives, it will be in the same condition it was prior to the move.

Skilled Professionals

One thing that sets our server & computer equipment relocation services apart from others is our team. We hire only top-quality technology professionals to work directly with each Chicago IL business, planning your move in the weeks leading up to it. You ll be fully prepared to move your equipment to the new location, which means your customers and employees will be able to continue to enjoy the access they ve always had to network services after a move is complete.

On the day of the move, our server & computer equipment relocation specialists show up at your location professionally dressed and ready to work hard. We ll work alongside your own teams or on our own to get the equipment to the truck. Once the equipment is loaded, our employees will drive it to its destination, whether that means going across town or across the country. You ll never have to worry about your job being handed off to a third-party service. Our employees manage your move from start to finish.

If you re planning a server & computer equipment relocation for your Chicago IL business, NCWS can help. With our years of experience and professional, friendly service, we ll make your move an enjoyable experience. You ll be up and running quickly after the move, which means you ll be able to enjoy a seamless transition to the new location.

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