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Chicago IL Data Center Relocation & Migration

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At one time, moving a data center meant planning it on a weekend, when employees were away from the office. But over the years, experts in data center relocation & migration services have been able to reduce downtime to a bare minimum, often with a business s employees and customers not realizing a move has occurred.

For Chicago IL businesses planning a data center move, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has a full suite of services designed to help. We ll work directly with your business to carefully plan and prepare for the move, combining our expertise with your own team s knowledge. We can handle everything from start to finish or work alongside your team to craft a move plan that meets your own unique needs.

Planning and Testing

There are a number of things that can go wrong with any data center relocation & migration. To keep those issues to a minimum, NCWS has developed a planning and testing process. From the time a Chicago IL-area business contacts us to request our services, a project manager works directly with that business to plan and carry out the relocation. We inventory your equipment and help you determine which applications and devices rely on each of those servers. This allows us to help you make sure you have the resources in place to ensure the move flows seamlessly.

Even once equipment has been relocated to the new facility, your work isn t complete. Our team will work with your team to identify a plan to test the servers at the new location so that you ll have the peace of mind of knowing everything works before everyone shows up, ready to work, on the next business day. We ll help you identify testers for each area of your business and advise you on how to make sure your team has tested each server and application for access.

Extra Services

In addition to physically moving equipment for Chicago IL businesses, our data center relocation & migration team offers area organizations services that support their IT operations. This includes removing old equipment from your data centers and safely disposing of their hard drives to keep your customers safe. We certify our hard drive destruction processes for those businesses that deal with regulatory authorities regarding their data security procedures.

For businesses with paper-based processes, NCWS also offers document management services. We ll help you upload old files to your servers, where they can be securely stored and backed up each day. You ll have access to the files you need, when you need them and, best of all, you ll free up working spaces that once housed file cabinets and boxes of paperwork.

If your Chicago IL business needs data center relocation & migration services, NCWS can help. Simply complete our questionnaire and we ll provide a free project quote. You can review our prices and compare them to your budget, then decide whether we re the right team to help with your upcoming move. Once your move is complete, you may decide to use us for any future IT needs you have in the coming years.

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