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Moving computers and servers can be complicated, with so many delicate parts that can suffer damage during the process. Without expert technicians handling the relocation, a business may find that some or all of its equipment arrives damaged, which means it must be replaced. Even if a moving company offers insurance, replacing a piece of equipment can be disruptive, especially if the damaged item is a server that numerous devices rely on each day.

For Chicago IL businesses, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) offers a full suite of solutions to meet every relocation need. Our computer transportation services & server moving company works with companies all over the country to successfully deploy server room and office moves. We have processes in place that keep your equipment safe throughout each stage of your move.

Protective Packaging

Sensitive servers face multiple dangers as they leave the server room. One of the biggest is shock from being either dropped or jarred. The sensitive components can become damaged if subjected to too much activity. Those components are also susceptible to humidity and static, which can cause servers and computers to possibly be unbootable when they arrive at their destination.

Our computer transportation services & server moving company has specialized packaging and equipment that can protect all of your computers and servers as we move them to their new location. This includes anti-static, anti-moisture packaging, as well as pallets and dollies that stabilize each piece of equipment as it is moved to the truck. While on the truck, we keep equipment protected using our padding and stabilizing materials, all of which ensures your move flows seamlessly.

Secure Transportation

Whether you re moving your Chicago IL-area business within the city or across the state or country, our computer transportation services & server moving company can help. We have a full fleet of unmarked trucks that can safely transport your equipment. Each truck is assigned two NCWS technicians, which means your move stays in our hands throughout. Some moving companies hire specialized drivers or outsource it to a third-party company, but NCWS s drivers are trained in safely moving and transporting equipment.

Each of our services is protected by insurance, giving Chicago IL businesses the peace of mind of knowing their servers and computers are safe. We also carry insurance against mover injury and damage to rented spaces, giving you the documentation you need to present to your building owner before we come on site. Our computer transportation services & server moving company will take over your move, handling everything so that you can focus on business as usual. For businesses that want to provide some of their own staff for the move, we can create a solution that fits your own preferences.

Chicago IL businesses rely on data centers to keep operations going each day. When you partner with a computer transportation services & server moving company that has your best interests in mind, you ll find you reduce the stress that comes with large-scale equipment moves, which will allow you to do a better job of serving your own customers.

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