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Have You Checked Your Customer Satisfaction Levels Lately? 5 Questions to Ask

Have You Checked Your Customer Satisfaction Levels Lately? 5 Questions to Ask

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, December 19 6:00

Every IT professional serves a customer base. Whether it s internal employees or the many customers their apps and storage solutions serve, there is an end user who relies on their services. While not all technology workers directly deal with those customers, the service they provide makes an impact. One major outage makes that all too clear.

Like any other business service that impacts others, it s important that tech teams pay close attention to customer feedback. Listening to any complaints or compliments that come through can help, but often only customers with extreme reactions go to the trouble of offering unsolicited feedback. Instead, it s important that businesses occasionally gauge the satisfaction levels of those they are serving.

A customer satisfaction survey can be a great way to get the information necessary to guide your IT department. Deployed at the end of each resolved ticket, these surveys will likely bring in more responses than if you don t make the request or not. To make it as effective as possible, keep the questions short and easy to answer. Here are five great questions to ask in your satisfaction survey.

How did you feel about the turnaround time?

You can monitor turnaround times, but this question checks how customers perceive them. Often you may think a 1-2 day turnaround is reasonable for a minor issue, but customers don t agree.

Was the technician friendly?

This can be very subjective, but if you begin to see a trend of complaints about certain technicians, it might be a sign that customer service training is in order. You may also find this question will help identify those technicians who go above and beyond to provide superior customer service.

Did the technician seem knowledgeable about your issue?

It s impossible for every technician to know how to fix any issue that comes up. The real crime is in not admitting this lack of knowledge and asking for help. This question can help identify team members who might be delaying resolution instead of admitting they aren t sure how to fix a specific problem.

Was the problem resolved to your satisfaction?

Just because a ticket was marked resolved, doesn t mean the customer sees it that way. This question gives customers an opening to let supervisors know that a situation was inaccurately marked resolved.

Additional Comments?

This could very likely be the most important section of your survey, since you re giving customers the opportunity to state in their own words any issues they have. You may find you get overall statements about the service level here. Customers may provide feedback about your applications or network speed. Log each of these comments and take them into consideration when you re making decisions about how you ll move forward.

Once your technicians realize customers have the option of completing a survey after each ticket, you ll likely find they re making a serious effort to keep customers happy. This will likely be more beneficial to your customer service levels than anything else you could do. With a survey in place, you ll show your end users that you care about their satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to ensure they get the service they expect.

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