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Charlotte NC Server & Computer Equipment Relocation

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When a business moves from one location to another, equipment and peripherals are among the most complicated part of the process. Each computer has an associated mouse, keyboard, and monitor, which must be safely packed and tagged to ensure it can be easily traced to the right desktop. Businesses also have printers and, in some cases, on-site servers, which also come with peripherals.

When a Charlotte NC-area business needs to move, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) is a top choice. Our server & computer equipment relocation services are among the top in the industry. With years of experience in data center and office equipment moves, our technicians put our expertise to use in helping a business organize and deploy a relocation.

A Team Approach

We believe we work as your partner in planning your move, working with your team to determine the details about your equipment and your new space. We ll use the information you provide to come up with a plan that will help you be as prepared as possible on move day. We can advise your IT team and let them pass the information on to the rest of the staff or we can involve management in each step of the process. Either way, we ll prepare a plan that your entire team can agree on before proceeding.

On move day, our carefully-chosen server & computer equipment relocation specialists will show up at your site in professional attire, ready to work hard. We maintain professional behavior at all times to act as an extension of your team throughout the relocation process. This includes the period in which your equipment is in transit, with at least one of our skilled team members staying with your equipment at all times.

Extra Protection

As your computers and servers leave your present location, they face risk of damage. Our team of server & computer equipment relocation technicians has extensive experience in keeping equipment safe throughout the move, including while it s stored on the truck. We use specialized equipment and materials to protect each device to ensure you ll be able to start work immediately once your equipment is set up and plugged in.

In addition to taking extra precautions, we also carry insurance that will cover any damage or injury during the move. Most property managers require general liability before they ll grant building access to a moving company. We carry $3 million in general liability, as well as insurance on our employees, facility damage, automobile insurance for damage while in transit, and umbrella insurance to cover anything else. This gives businesses the peace of mind of knowing any issues will be covered.

For Charlotte NC businesses planning a relocation, NCWS has a team of skilled professionals who can help. Our server & computer equipment relocation specialists will prepare a no-cost quote based on the information you provide on one of our project questionnaires. Once you ve decided to work with us, we ll prepare a plan that will help you prepare for your upcoming move, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your project is in good hands.

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