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If your Charlotte NC-area business plans a move in the near future, you already know how overwhelming it can feel. Today s moves go beyond merely loading furniture on a truck and taking it to a new location. You have numerous devices connected to servers that may or may not be part of the move. The process becomes even more complicated for businesses that run large data centers with applications and websites used by numerous people across the country.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has more than a decade of experience as data center & server movers, working with companies of all sizes. We have a well-honed process that involves carefully planning every aspect of your move well in advance. The end result is a move day that progresses smoothly, with your employees and customers able to access everything as quickly as possible once your equipment is at its new location.

How It Works

Each Charlotte NC relocation project starts with a questionnaire that describes the services you need. Our team reviews the information you ve provided and offers a no-obligation, no-cost quote. Your team then reviews that quote and decides if our services fit within your budget. We can work with you to craft a solution that fits within your financial needs without sacrificing quality or turnaround time.

Once you ve decided to work with our data center & server movers for your relocation, we ll assign a project manager who will conduct a site audit. We ll determine the layout of your current location and your future location. We ll also gather information on each piece of equipment and make recommendations specific to your inventory. You may have a piece of equipment that needs special treatment, for instance, and knowing that information will allow us to prepare a solution specific to that item.

Special Services

In addition to our relocation services, our data center & server movers can provide a wide variety of technology services to Charlotte NC s many businesses. If you have equipment that needs to be removed from your workspaces, we can help with that, as well. We have mobile hard drive shredders that can destroy your drives on site, ensuring your data never ends up in the wrong hands. We also work with Charlotte NC-area recycle centers to provide a way to responsibly get rid of old equipment.

Another way we help businesses free up office space is through document management services. We can help you scan file cabinets full of paperwork to the cloud, where you can easily conduct searches and download the files you need. If a relocation becomes necessary in the future, you ll have less to move once your file cabinets have been emptied and removed.

If your business is in the Charlotte NC area or you plan a relocation there in the future, NCWS can help. Our data center & server movers specialize in ensuring your equipment is safe throughout the transport and relocation process. You ll have the peace of mind of knowing your move is being handled by specialists, freeing you up to concentrate on the business of running your business.

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