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Charlotte NC Data Center Relocation & Migration

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Charlotte NC is home to some of the top companies in the country, each with a large number of employees and devices. But the city has its fair share of small and midsized businesses, as well. No matter what size your business, you rely on servers to hold your files and applications. When those servers need to be moved or replaced, you can t afford to risk losing anything or being offline for an extended period of time.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) works with businesses across the country to help with any data center relocation & migration needs they have. With more than a decade of experience, we ve developed a method that protects the sensitive information on each drive, whether it s being put in use in a new location or sent to a recycling center. We ll work to create a plan that will minimize downtime and protect your customers and information throughout the process.

Relocation Services

Our data center relocation & migration team specializes in moves. We handle office, server room, and data center relocations, both locally and across state lines. We carry each piece of equipment in an unmarked vehicle to ensure that passersby are unaware of the sensitive equipment located inside. This helps keep computers and servers safe while in transit.

We also keep each piece of equipment safe using our ENVIRO Packaging, which keeps sensitive components from damage due to shock, static, and humidity. By packing up each item with our specialized materials, we are able to provide a level of protection not available from other moving services. We also carefully screen each employee and use only our own workers, training them to provide professional service at all times.

Server Room Maintenance Services

We also provide a variety of other services that support a business s IT needs even when they aren t moving. Our data center relocation & migration specialists can clean your server room or data center, removing damaging dust particles from the air to keep your equipment safe. We also offer related cleanup services such as cable management and equipment removal. We partner with recycling centers throughout the Charlotte NC area, but we can also take your old equipment to your preferred location.

Recycling old equipment can be dangerous, especially if it still contains hard drives with sensitive data on it. We have a two-step data destruction process that includes degaussing the drive to it unreadable and following up with hard drive shredding. With our mobile shredders, we can come to your location and destroy your hard drives on site. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that all of the confidential data contained on those drives can t be intercepted once the equipment settles at its new location.

We provide a no-obligation questionnaire that allows you to describe your needs and get a quote. We work with businesses throughout the Charlotte NC area, handling their data center relocation & migration needs. We can handle every aspect of your upcoming move to help you focus on your day-to-day activities.

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