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Most businesses will eventually endure a move at some point in their existence. It could be shifting from one floor to another in the same building or moving to a larger space in a building down the street. In some cases a business moves to another state, even across the country. When equipment must be transported across a certain distance, that can lead to downtime within an organization, potentially impacting its bottom line.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) works with businesses in cities across the country to minimize downtime and keep equipment safe. For Charlotte NC companies, that means we re an experienced provider that can ensure your move progresses smoothly. Our computer transportation services & server moving company has more than a decade of experience in helping businesses with their IT needs.

Office Moves

Many office moves start with the computers themselves. While our computer transportation services & server moving company handles large data centers and server rooms, we also have extensive experience with basic office moves. This includes planning and deploying computer moves, even in businesses that have thousands of desktops and monitors. We make sure each item ends up in its designated location, where it can then be connected to the appropriate power and networking cabling as soon as it arrives.

In addition to office equipment relocation, our professionals also offer Charlotte NC businesses services like document management and hard drive destruction. We can free up space in your offices by removing old equipment and uploading paper-based files to the server, where they re secure. This not only provides extra space, but it also adds a layer of disaster recovery protection, since your documents will no longer be in file cabinets but will be securely located in the cloud.

Servers and Data Centers

The Charlotte NC area is heavily populated with server rooms and data centers, which provide support to businesses and customers across the globe. We know the importance of keeping those servers online as much as possible during the move process and come up with a plan to reduce downtime. Our computer transportation services & server moving company has extensive experience in relocating server equipment and we ve found that extensive planning is the key to a successful move.

Each server has sensitive components and without special care, those components can become damaged in a move. We use specialized materials to protect those components from shock, humidity, and static throughout the move, whether the equipment is being moved to the truck or on the road. We also transport in unmarked vehicles to disguise the internal contents of each of our vehicles. This provides an extra layer of protection you wouldn t have with another Charlotte NC computer transportation services & server moving company.

When your business needs information technology services in the Charlotte NC area, NCWS is the computer transportation services & server moving company for you. We work with businesses across the country, handling relocations and equipment removal services for businesses of all types. Our experience can ensure your move completes safely with minimal downtime.

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