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Canada Data Center Relocation

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Canada Data Center Relocation

Moving a data center or IT equipment in Canada is a systematic and meticulous process. Businesses who attempt to relocate without the aid of a professional data center moving company may find themselves in an unknown area. The extensive planning and preparation all of it can become an overwhelming. Data center or server room moves requires a company to have proven experience and use extreme caution preventing any possible catastrophic loss. While a data center or server room relocation may sound easy as a whole, there are several areas to consider. A single missed step can cause a company to lose clients and their revenue. Companies looking for a successful data center relocation, or server room moving project, reach out to NationalCWS.com, a qualified server mover in Canada. NCWS has an extensive service history in this field, and will be able to provide you proven data center relocation tips.

For many companies, it simply makes more sense to focus on serving their customers and leave the IT moving process to the professionals.

Vendor Selection Process

So now that you ve decided to hand of a portion of the project to those who do it best, it s time to select the right vendor for the job.

Risks Involved in Hiring a Bad Data Center Mover

The data center moving process by nature embodies remarkable risks, a few of which are:

  • An unprepared or inexperienced data center moving, or IT relocation company
  • Under qualified data center moving company employees
  • IT movers who hire temporary help or day help to perform the project
  • Loss or destruction of your IT equipment, which may also include data or software loss
  • Poor communication and lack of require response from customer service

What Should A Company Look For in a Leading Data Center Moving Company?

Here s what to look for when choosing an awesome data center moving company.

  • A proven and successful track record with client testimonials
  • The IT mover builds trust and takes the time to build a relationship with your company
  • The moving process properly performed from start to completion
  • 24/7/365 educated and knowledgeable customer service and project managers are provided if you have questions or concerns.
  • The moving company does not sub-contract or shop out any part of the moving process
  • Whole insurance coverage that blankets the entire relocation, and covers your company from liability

Bottom line, your data center relocation s success relies on choosing a company you can trust, with proven service based on customer testimonials, such as National Computer Warehouse Services.

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