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If you are a private home based customer or any size business in Boston, you will find yourself wondering how to destroy a hard drive; or stacks of hard drives. Second to this question you may even think, how do I remove a hard drive from its enclosure in order to destroy it?

With the advancement of technology comes a new set of challenges. For example, computer or server hard drives have replaced the use of so much of the paper records and storage of the past. This is looked at as a positive step forward because we use less paper, which leads to less wasted natural resources. Second to this, hard drive data storage is a much more manageable way to keep ever growing data and records tidy. And at the end of the day, if you needed to destroy these paper records, you could simply shred paper and then forget about it!

The digital age has brought us hard drive and flash storage. There are many methods of destroying data stored on a hard drive. Some methods used to rid of data include formatting or wiping the data, smashing or drilling a hard drive, or even just throwing them away. Others just keep a cemetery type of stock pile of used hard drives, pc s, laptops, servers, or SAN arrays.

There are many State and Federal laws on data protection, privacy protection. These laws are very important too! It is been shown, and proven that by formatting a hard drive or flash storage, smashing hard drive, or even drilling them, that data and trace data can still be removed (by the right person of course).

But think about the world we live in, and the data that is kept on private computers, or company servers. The typical persons private information, credits cards, addresses, social security all have been stored onto hard drive(s) from one source or another. Wouldn t you want to have an absolute guarantee that this information would never fall into the wrong hands, or worse made public! Even when Hillary Clinton s hard drives were formatted or wiped clean, and I am sure this was done by the top professionals; data was still able to be recovered after it was though they were wiped clean!

There are many ways people think you can erase or remove data from a hard drive, but there is only one guaranteed hard drive destruction method. This method simply is by using a mechanical hard drive destruction service that uses a hard drive shredder. Once a hard drive has been mechanically shred, there is absolutely no way to recover any data or trace data from the storage device. Furthermore the only responsible way to dispose of a hard drive is to green recycle the shredded materials.

NationalCWS.com uses mobile hard drive shredding units for many reasons. First, the average person or business does not have the resources to be able to afford units of this cost, or training involved. Second, our mobile hard drive shredding units come right to you. This removes any additional chain of custody worries, or risk of transporting hard drives off site. Peace of mind is when you can watch us audit your hard drives by serial number, securely remove hard drives from inside your building, and actually watch us shred those drives in front of your eyes. Watch our hard drive shredding video!

NCWS has very strict policies and procedures in place regarding hard drive destruction. We are even a member of NAID.

So when you ask yourself or see a stack or hard drives that really should be destroyed, think nothing other than to call 800-892-2354, email, or complete our secure data destruction questionnaire today!

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