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What Is the Best Smartwatch for Your Business?

What Is the Best Smartwatch for Your Business?

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, July 04 6:00

Smartwatches are becoming more common than ever, especially in the workplace. With just one wrist-worn device, a professional can check emails, text friends and associates, and even keep social media accounts updated.

However, for businesses considering using smartwatches as a way to keep workers productive, it s important to choose the right one. The best device goes beyond the way it looks and feels. You ll need to choose the right watch to meet your own business s needs. Here are a few major smartwatch types, along with the benefits they bring to the corporate environment.

Apple Watch

Apple enthusiasts usually don t need a reason to choose the company s products over competitors. However, for those who don t buy everything Mac without question, the Apple Watch has a few pros and cons. In addition to multiple band options, users also like Apple Watch s multiple access options, which allow them to navigate by touchscreen and buttons, as well as a digital crown. The biggest con is the lack of compatibility. To use the Apple Watch, your business s users will need to also have iPhones.


One of the biggest benefits to Pebble is its cross-platform compatibility, with both iOS and Android compatibility. The watch has also been around longest, which explains the fact that Pebble promises 8,000 apps compared to Apple s 3,500. The biggest downfall to the Pebble Watch is its lack of touchscreen functionality. For some professionals, this could be a dealbreaker. However, the company says the watch can withstand underwater submersion up to 98 feet and its reported battery life is up to seven days, which is much longer than the Apple Watch s battery life of up to 18 hours.

Samsung Gear

Smartwatches have small screens, which can limit functionality. However, Samsung Gear has a built-in speaker that allows wearers to interact with apps using voice command. While the Samsung Gear s touchscreen gives it an advantage over the Pebble watch, it s missing the pressure sensitivity found on the Apple Watch. Unlike other watches, Samsung Gear also doesn t yet make it easy to create reminders, which may give it a disadvantage in business environments.

LG Watch Urbane

If you have an Android phone, the LG Watch Urbane might be the best option for you. GizMag named both LG and Apple Watch the two best, citing LG s sophisticated watch face as a plus. LG s watch has an easy-to-use interface and a longer battery life, considering its watch stays lit up all the time. The Apple Watch requires motion to activate it. Like Apple, the LG Watch is still lacking in the apps department, but more apps are likely to be developed as usage increases.

As more consumers add smartwatches to their tech accessories, businesses will find new ways to use them. Whether professionals purchase these devices on their own or leaders purchase them for everyone, it s important to make the right choice. This starts with considering your existing smartphone and finding the best watch that interacts with it. Once you ve determined the functionality you need, you ll be able to choose the design that you prefer most.

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