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Avoid These IT Jobs If You Want a Guaranteed Future Career

Avoid These IT Jobs If You Want a Guaranteed Future Career

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, June 26, 2017 16:00

Information technology professionals have long been in demand, with their skills allowing them to claim top dollar after they've gained the interest of multiple employers. In the coming years, 47 percent of jobs will become obsolete, according to Oxford University, as advances in technology allow more job duties to be automated.

Although all this tech will increase demand for some IT occupations, such as programmers and data analysts, tech jobs aren't immune from extinction. In fact, some jobs have already seen a gradual reduction, with those workers shifted to other tech-related jobs. To avoid a mid-life career crisis, here are a few top IT jobs to avoid.

Help Desk Technician

At one time, a large number of technicians was needed to support a business's desktop and laptop computers. But today's workers are far more sophisticated, making it less necessary to have someone on site to show them how to copy and paste or to troubleshoot printer issues. Many businesses now opt for cloud-based tech support, where remote technicians can use software to troubleshoot issues from across the country. For on-site support, today's businesses may also choose to rely on as-needed service from local providers. This has driven help desk technicians away from individual businesses, leading them to go into business for themselves or seek employment with cloud service providers.

On-Premise Server Administrator

The drive toward cloud technology has also led to a shift in the demand for server administrators. Instead of supporting multiple pieces of hardware in a small server room, small and midsized businesses tend to sign up for cloud data storage and software solutions. Even large corporations and governments are beginning to make the switch, since dedicated vendors can more easily afford to staff and manage specialists to support a widespread network of end users. Server administrators will increasingly see their roles shifted to that of liaisons or business analysts.

Outdated Solution

Whether it's a programming language, a specialized type of software, or an old mainframe database, IT administrators across the country are seeing their technology phased out. For those who have spent years gaining experience in their unique support area, it will be important to find a way to put that experience toward a more in-demand area, such as learning a more popular programming language or shifting to IT management or cloud software support. Even a small investment in certification can pay off as IT professionals find their skills becoming obsolete. Successful professionals will pay attention to the top jobs with a future in information technology and find a way to learn those skills to be able to move into new positions as the market changes.

If one thing is certain, it's that information technology will continue to evolve as the years pass. Part of succeeding in the field is staying aware of the latest trends and news and making sure that the skills professionals develop remain relevant. That approach will ensure IT professionals are prepared to create solutions that meet the way businesses and consumers live and work.

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