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Arizona businesses know that server moves can be challenging, especially if hundreds or thousands of devices are connected. In today s 24/7 business world, many organizations can t afford to have their websites, applications, or files inaccessible for hours at a time. Yet when relocation becomes necessary, downtime can often be a necessity, as well. In addition to the time it takes to relocate the equipment, however, downtime can be extended if one of your servers is damaged during the move.

For Phoenix AZ-area businesses planning a move, it s important to choose data center & server movers with an expertise in technology relocation projects. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has more than a decade of experience in high-tech moves and puts that expertise to use in helping ensure your servers arrive at their destination safely with minimal downtime. We do this by providing you a project manager who carefully strategizes your move in advance.

Keeping Servers Safe

Servers will have to go offline during the transportation process, but we can set up your relocation to minimize the impact of that downtime as much as possible. Our data center & server movers can schedule your move for a night, weekend, or holiday to ensure all servers will be accessible by the time daily operations resume. For websites, we can recommend a notification schedule that will let your customers know well in advance that your website will be unavailable for a brief period of time.

We also take extra precautions to keep your equipment safe while being loaded on the truck and transported to the new location. This includes our ENVIRO Packaging, which protects each piece of equipment from shock, static, and moisture during the entire move process. Our professionals are IT specialists who know the importance of keeping sensitive server components safe throughout a relocation, so you ll know your equipment is in good hands with NCWS.

Keeping Server Rooms Safe

Even if your Phoenix AZ business has no plans to move anytime soon, we can help. Our data center & server movers also provide server room cleaning services that are designed to remove airborne particles from the air in the room. Those particles can damage sensitive equipment over time, shortening the life of hard drives and other components. By extending the life of servers and hard drives, NCWS can save companies significant money over the lifetime of a server room.

We also provide assorted services such as cable organization, which will make it easier for IT teams to troubleshoot when a device loses its connection to the network. If equipment needs to be removed, NCWS can handle that, as well, cleaning and shredding hard drives before disposal to ensure your data won t be compromised. For this reason, many Arizona businesses rely on us to keep both their hardware and their software safe on an ongoing basis.

If your Phoenix AZ-area business plans a move in the future, NCWS s data center & server movers can help. Fill out one of our no-obligation questionnaires and we ll provide a free quote. Once you make a decision to work with us, we ll assign a project manager to consult with you through each step of the process.

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