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Logistics are an important part of any move involving computer equipment, whether it s an office or data center relocation. For Phoenix AZ-area businesses, these projects can be complicated if a move crosses one or more states. Whether a business is expanding, downsizing, or simply moving to a more convenient location, it s important to plan the relocation well in advance.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) is a top computer transportation services & server moving company, handling moves for companies across the country. With more than a decade of experience, we re equipped with the expertise and resources to ensure your team has everything it needs leading up to move day. We can take all of the hard work off of your hands, allowing you to merely serve as a liaison, or we can work alongside your team, depending on your personal preferences.

Office Equipment Challenges

Coordinating a data center or server room move can be challenging, but office equipment comes with a set of challenges, as well. Relocation planners must inventory and manage every laptop, printer, copier, and desktop, along with the many associated peripherals that accompany each item. Teams must make sure all equipment gets to the right desk at the new location and is connected and tested before the next workday.

Our computer transportation services & server moving company has a well-honed system that keeps equipment in check throughout the move. We use specialized materials to keep equipment safe during transport to avoid the costly downtime that can come from damage during a move. We can help set up a plan to get each piece of equipment connected, whether you choose to have your employees handle their own hookups or you want that completed before they arrive.

Server Equipment Challenges

When server equipment goes offline, the stakes can be high. Numerous devices can get their applications and files from each server and when those servers are offline, business can suffer. NCWS works diligently to keep downtime as low as possible, which will protect your bottom line. In some cases, simply knowing well in advance that your servers will be offline for a designated time period allows employees and clients to prepare to work around the outage.

Our computer transportation services & server moving company also maintains a commitment to ensure equipment remains safe throughout the move. We use specialized packaging that keeps environmental dangers at bay during the relocation, including the time equipment spends on the truck. This will prevent costly downtime that comes when a server becomes damaged, rendering its data inaccessible even after the move is complete. Once the equipment is in its new location, we ll also support any testing your team can do to make sure each employee can access the information necessary to work.

Phoenix AZ-area businesses need a service they can rely on. Our computer transportation services & server moving company has the experience necessary to ensure your move goes well. Complete one of our project questionnaires to get a free quote for your upcoming project.

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