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Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone: Which Mobile O/S Is Best for Your Business

Android vs. iOS vs. Windows Phone: Which Mobile O/S Is Best for Your Business

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, May 23 6:00

When it comes to mobile operating systems, consumers seem to fall solidly into one category or another. Either they d never buy an iPhone or they loyally buy one after another. Some are Android loyalists, preferring its flexibility in offloading files, photos, and music. A small percentage prefers the Windows O/S, citing its easy integration with their Windows-based devices and its familiar layout.

Business leaders don t have the luxury of personal preference. Instead they must find a phone that works within their own network infrastructure. They often rely on their own IT experts to advise them on this. If you re questioning which type of smartphone your own employees should use, here are a few things to consider.


Security on Apple s operating system is top notch, with the company making it almost impossible for suspicious content to download without the user s permission. Apple also reviews each app before allowing it to be installed in the App Store, reducing the potential for malware to make its way onto a business s mobile devices. Another plus for iOS is its consistency. Other operating systems may occasionally push major design changes, but the look and feel of Apple s operating system has remained fairly consistent since it was first introduced. For those who use other Apple products, the iPhone s ability to communicate with MacBooks, iPads, and other Apple devices is a huge timesaver.


At one time, iOS was the undisputed leader in apps. Android has since passed Apple s numbers, with more than 1.6 million apps in the Google Play store. If your business relies on publicly-available apps to power operations, one top determining factor should be whether those apps are supported on the operating system you choose. Experts also rank Android s voice-activated virtual assistant higher than competitors, primarily due to its useful interaction with installed apps. Device options are also a plus for Android owners, since the operating system is available on a wide variety of smartphone types. Instead of limiting yourself to one or two different styles of iPhone, you can choose the smartphone that best fits your own team s preferences.


The ease of setup and use of the Windows Phone make it popular with novice users, and this could be a plus in the business environment, as well. This is especially true for smaller businesses that may not have a full team of technicians on hand to train employees or troubleshoot issues. Alerts and customizable notifications are also popular with businesses, since the Windows Phone s alert center lets users set up custom shortcuts to execute a variety of activities throughout the day. This saves time and helps ensure nobody misses important emails or calendar notifications.

Your business s devices play an important role in the work you do each day. When choosing a standard smartphone for your employees, it s important to know the pros and cons of each operating system. You ll then know that you ve chosen the best equipment to power your business and keep your information secure.

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