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5 Tips for Maintaining Office Productivity During the IT Moving Process

5 Tips for Maintaining Office Productivity During the IT Moving Process

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, November 03 6:00

As a business grows, occasionally the need will arise to move from one location to another. Whether a business is shrinking to a smaller, more space-efficient open-plan office layout or growing to accommodate additional employees, the IT moving process can be disruptive to operations. Employees will not only be tasked with packing items during work hours but also working with the distractions of site visits from movers and real estate agents, as well as fielding multiple calls and questions about the move from vendors. Here are five tips for keeping office productivity high during your IT relocation.

Plan in Advance

The best way to avoid disruptions during the days surrounding the move is to create a detailed plan as far in advance as possible. Whether you're moving your data center or your entire office, the relocation will likely directly impact the systems and files your workers use each day to serve your customers. Work with your team leaders to develop a plan that covers every aspect of your move and be sure you share that plan with all involved parties after every update.

Assign Move Managers

Any IT moving experience is complex, involving many pieces of equipment that connect to other aspects of your operation. As early as possible in the process, assign team leads to head up various aspects of the move so that when people have questions, they'll have someone to approach with those questions. When you have information that needs to be communicated with the entire staff, you can go through those team leads, who can then work to ensure compliance is achieved in their areas.

Hire Professional Movers

Server movers and IT movers are familiar with the many aspects of an office move and can work with you during the planning phase. They have the resources and expertise necessary to ensure each piece of equipment arrives at its destination. By selecting a server moving company as early as possible in the process, you'll have the benefit of its expertise as you begin to plan your move.

Schedule Move Meetings

In the months leading up to your IT relocation, you should hold regular move meetings involving all of your leads and area managers. These meetings can be useful in bringing to light any issues or concerns as the move day approaches. During these meetings, you'll also be able to communicate information to your users about what they can expect during and after the move.

Set Time Aside

If your company has been in business for a length of time, chances are you've found there are some times of the year that are busier than others. Schedule your move for the slower times to minimize the impact of your lower productivity during the days before and after the move. Consider setting a time aside each week for employees to work on the move, even if it means rotating employees on phone duty to allow a worker a few hours to pack.

An IT relocation can be stressful and disruptive, but with careful preparation and expert help, your server move will go smoothly. An IT moving specialist can help your business plan and oversee a successful move with minimal interruption in service.

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