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3 Tips for Creating an Inventory List for Your Server Movers

3 Tips for Creating an Inventory List for Your Server Movers

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, December 15 6:00

If your business is planning an upcoming technology move, one of the first things you'll likely do is find an experienced server moving company to make sure your sensitive equipment is relocated safely. National Computer Warehouse Services works with technology moves of all types, with a full team of computer movers who walk business through each step of the process.

When a business contacts our data center moving specialists for a quote, one of our first steps is to determine the type and quantity of servers to be moved. As part of the estimate request process, we'll have a business upload its hardware equipment inventory and use it to inform our cost quote. By having this information when you contact an it moving company, you'll save an extra step, allowing you to obtain a quote more quickly. You'll also have a comprehensive inventory that you'll be able to use for your other businesses processes, as well. Here are a few tips for creating a great inventory list without taking an excessive amount of time from your other duties

Use Network Scanning Software

Before you send employees around with a legal pad and pen, consider tools that automate the inventory collection process. One of the most useful ways to do this is a tool like Lansweeper, which scans a network and identifies every device attached to it. A business can detect every computer, printer and server, as well as software versions on those devices. Long after the data center movers have left a location, a business will be able to use this software to keep track of every asset and maintain software versioning control. Lansweeper can alert administrators of changes to devices to let users know when unauthorized equipment or software may be in use.


One of the biggest challenges in compiling inventory for a data center relocation, is getting the information, especially if equipment is located in different buildings or geographic locations. Apps like Inventory Now run on users' mobile devices, letting multiple workers input information using smartphones or tablets, with information immediately visible to administrators. Barcode scanners allow easy input and many apps will also integrate with other business systems such as Accounts Receivable, ensuring that when new items are received at the loading dock, they're updated in the inventory system, as well. This comes in handy for businesses planning on new shipments after the inventory list has been sent to server relocation experts.

Check Reporting Capability

Whether you plan to use a solution to capture your inventory or use a more manual method, it's important to determine reporting capabilities before you start counting. If you gather pages of data, only to have no easy way to deliver it to your ITmovers, you may be forced to come up with a second solution. Access databases are a good way to gather information for reporting, since reports can be exported in a variety of formats.

Creating and maintaining a computer inventory can be helpful to an organization for a variety of reasons. This information will come in handy during an IT relocation, useful both to server movers and anyone else who will be helping with the move.

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